Here's how to have a plastic-free Christmas (sort of)

By Joves we could all do with some good festive spirit going on. But as we know Christmas is also one of the most wasteful times of the year too. Statistics show in the UK alone we create 30% more waste than usual during the festive period.

One of those areas being packaging. Most wrapping paper can't be recycled and at Christmas we go through the equivalent of 50,000 trees in gift wrapping!! So for this weeks 6 pack roundup we give you KANKAN’s best wrapping paper alternatives. 

  1. KANKAN customers keep hold of your packaging, we use Flexi Hex not only because it looks great and is plastic free but because of its longevity and robustness too. As Flex Hex says - it can be re-used up to 5x so now is the time to reuse reuse reuse! 
  2. For any of you who know Who gives a crap you may well know their fun loo roll wrap makes great gift wrap in an afterlife. We were really inspired by this when designing our own packaging. We hope our ‘what goes around comes around’ tissue that sits between our cans and bottles goes on to wrap many other items. Other good dual loo roll/wrapping paper brands out there is Smartass 
  3. Make the packaging part of the gift. If Furoshiki isn’t quite your thing we recommend a waxy bag. These things are great and in our household they serve a multitude of purposes whilst ticking all the KANKAN boxes - being good whilst looking good too! Our fav out there is from WaxAtelier.
  4. Also if you are tempted to give Furoshiki a go and you are looking for inspo then check out @thefabricwrappingco for some good tips. 
  5. Bring some nostalgia and sentiment into the experience. We might not be travelling a whole lot these days but if you have any old souvenir maps kicking about from bygone holidays these make a great alternative. Plus all that kids craft that is in abundance post lock down comes in handy for a colourful wrap option.
  6. Shop with end packaging in mind. So many brands have purposefully ensured their delivery packaging does the job of both safely delivering an item and also creating a lovely receiving experience simply as it comes. London borough of Jams, Wild deodorant all come in beautiful delivery boxes good to go straight under the tree.