6 Best Brands to support on Black/ Green Friday weekend.

As a new retail business, we have been chatting about Black Friday for a while now. It’s a key moment in any retail business, and a lucrative event in the marketing calendar. A colleague estimates that Black Friday sales equate to about 80% of sales for the month, and a good Black Friday sale is a bog standard bellwether for strong sales throughout the Christmas shopping season.

And so, Black Friday… or Green Friday? We want to change the conversation. To re-focus on giving thanks. Give thanks to your local shops, give thanks to small business owners who are working their butts off to make their initiatives a success, to companies who are truly tied to a sustainable ethos, and to those who commit themselves to lower margins so as to deliver better production values. 

Head to Toe

From head to toe, we hereby present the Kankan 6-Pack for giving thanks to our fellow small business owners, and to give a bit of TLC to your body, mind, and spirit along the way.

1.  Keep your head safe. 

 Thousand Bicycle Helmets offset their production CO2 emissions by 110% - we love an enterprise that covers their own waste, gives back a bit more for good measure, and protects your brain.  A personal favourite is their jazzy light green colour (also certified for skateboarding, should four wheels be your magic transport number), inspired by the always iconic 1957 Bel Air Convertible (Thousand started in LA, so an ingrained nostalgia for classic cars is natural).

2.  Lift the Spirit 

Petalon seasonal bouquets. Lush floral bounty to fill the air and heart with aromatic bliss, delivered by bicycle or carbon-neutral courier. And to boot (or to bee), they donate 5% of all floral deliveries to Bee Collective - supporting urban bee-keeping in London while improving London’s landscape for honey bees and wild pollinators.  (And they’re fellow tree-planters, so we love them all the more.)  

3.  Love thy Ocean, Love Thyself

 Londre makes swimwear sexy because it looks good - and it does good. With a minimum of 6 recycled plastic bottles in every swimsuit (mainly taken from the streets and beaches of Taiwan), Londre donates to both women’s health and environmental initiatives, whilst designing swimsuits that are sustainable in their production and flattering in their form.  

4.  Luxury for the Littles 

Honey & Toast supports local artisans (the bags are handmade in Somerset, the fittings are brass and also made in England), and directs their creativity to our children as well as ourselves.  We love the timeless style of Honey & Toast, and teaching our children to value their treasures (and their fashion), to respect good design and objects that are designed to last, are life lessons we stand by.

5.  Three’s Company

Etikette. Their first collection was launched this September, and we can’t get enough of these smart looking and smartly conceived coats designed to be worn for a multi-season, multi-year run.  100% vegan and showerproof, they have a gorgeous simplicity of concept - two sizes, three lengths, designed and made in London.  

6. Walking the Walk @ Flamingoslife 

Just say no to Black Friday, says Flamingoslife. This Spanish sporty and sustainable sneaker designer (kicks made from recycled plastic bottles, along with both biodegradable and vegan materials) shut down their online sales all day Friday. Flamingoslife sneakers are divine, so be sure to reward their restraint this weekend with a new pair or twelve.

Bonus Round.  

And for any extras, a special shout out to Hackney’s 69b Boutique who is donating all Black Friday profits from sales to Hackney Food Bank through 30 November. It’s 100% impossible not to find something you love within their walls, so do yourself a favour and have a browse online or in store.

Another shout out to Masaj in Hackney who have been seriously effected by lockdown for over 6 months this year.. Get yourselves a massage voucher when touch is no longer off limits.