6 Health and Wellness tips for Veganuary in Lockdown.

We’re going to be spending a bit of time at home in the coming months it seems, so now could be a good time to look at ways we can bring some lift to our mood and wellbeing in some small shifts. With Veganuary here, this can be done not just in our kitchen but in our products we use throughout the home. 

Candles are a great way to create some good ‘hygge’ moods when at home, and with the additional support of beautiful fragrance through essential oils all with plant-based oils. We are big fans of Sister & Co - who have lots of amazing products but we’re sold on their refillable candles made from coconut and rapeseed oil infused with rose, geranium and jasmine.

With the constant channel flicking and the world gone whacko, it can be troubling for our sleep patterns. We recently went on a trial of different new tonics and vitamins and found CBD tinctures supported a deeper, restful sleep and generally lifted the mood. Thrive is a great new brand on the block with organic CBD sourced from the hills of Switzerland. They have 3 different strengths for those new to CBD or those more versed and free next day shipping. 

Once you awake from that restful sleep you’ve had, it’s good to ensure you have all the energy you need to take on the day. There has been a great deal of press around the need for Vitamin D and the majority of us are deprived especially when we are spending much time at home. It’s also been shown that Vitamin D is key to defence against Covid.  

Along with Vit D and your morning coffee, we are loving the new range of adaptogens from Grown. What are adaptogens, I hear you ask! They are herbs & fungi that help the body to adapt to stress and support the biological functions of the body. We’re quite taken with the morning adaptogen currently, and the skin tonic is a salve for our stressed and tired skin.

Now we are home A LOT, we are forced to find ways to find special corners to spend some quiet time and this is when the bathroom comes into its own. I have a couple of different ways to extend the time spent in the tub, sometimes it’s the length of a podcast or perhaps a playlist designed specifically with this activity in mind. 

For a really good bubble bath my favourite sud of choice currently is our KANKAN baby wash that foams up a treat, with soothing essential oils of lavender and chamomile to bring the chill. With our winter skin often dry from the indoor heating, lathering the skin in oil is our thing to do after a big soak. The body gets a treat with the L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil which absorbs fast and leaves the skin soft and the face receives a generous rub of Dream Dream Dream Night Oil by Neighbourhood Botanicals.

Ah, feeling better already.