6 Plastic Ambassadors Making Impact Part 2

Lead plastics lawyer for ClientEarth, Tatiana Luján

ClientEarth is an environmental charity with a unique approach - they use the power of law to change the system for a brighter, healthier future. Lead plastics lawyer, Tatiana Luján, works with her team to reduce the use and distribution of single-use plastics, and to hold plastic producing companies accountable for the environmental issues they contribute to. Read this article where Tatiana explains how plastic waste in the ocean is negatively impacting its role as a natural carbon sink, and what she and her team are doing to help.

Writer and Journalist - Lucy Siegle

One of our all time fav spokeswoman, Lucy specialises in communicating earth science, environmental stories and ethical consumerism. She has spent over a decade investigating the impact of the global fashion industry. Her book, Turning the tide on Plastic, is a powerful call to action to end the plastic crisis. It demonstrates that any of us can switch from being part of the problem to part of the solution. If only 12 of us adopt her strategies, we could ditch up to 15,000 single items of plastic a year.

Leah Namugerwa - Activist

Greatly inspired by Greta Thunberg’s activism, Leah has made big waves in advocating for climate justice in Uganda. She leads the Fridays4Future in Kampala and is known for starting a petition to enforce the plastic bag ban in Uganda. She leads a tree planting campaign calling for marking birthday celebrations by planting a tree (annually this could equate to 1 million trees being planted). She puts her faith in the younger people of Uganda and we put our faith in people like Leah. 

Mahira Kalim - Founder of Spruce

A super inspiring business founder, Mahira is hugely passionate about the cause and we have much admiration for all she stands for and has achieved in Spruce’s relatively short existence. She has created a beautiful range of safe, non toxic, plastic free cleaning refills. Aside from plastic, they are incredibly passionate too about the health implications of the products we use - for ourselves and the environment.  They are also putting up a major fight against greenwashing, a great account to follow. 

Bettina Maidment - Founder of campaign group Plastic free Hackney

A local superhero, Bettina has been living, and inspiring many, with her family's zero-waste lifestyle. She is hugely active in raising awareness in our community via campaigning, workshops, local litter picks and planting projects. Thank you to you and all your volunteers for all your do for Hackney and beyond! 

Daisy Kendrick - Co-Founder of Ocean Generation

Ocean Generation is a non-profit that is ‘Empowering a global movement to tackle Ocean threats through science and storytelling’. Frustrated at the lack of awareness and action being taken by millennials and Gen Z to protect our climate and oceans, she created OG to utilise media and technology to inform, educate and change behaviour at a global scale. They educate using methods such as music, mobile gaming and coding. There has been grass-roots action too with initiatives empowering young people from climate vulnerable communities with new skills too. Check out their site for loads of great, engaging content. She is also the author of the practical guide The Climate is changing why aren’t we?