6 great spots and tips for a UK camping getaway.

We both have a shared love of camping and not only for its great eco tick as a holiday option. For many of us approaching the holiday season, choices may be a little less this year but we are excited for any of you planning or considering some time out in the camping wilderness. It’s the BEST. It was around a campfire that the idea for KANKAN first began...

1) Choosing your spot. There are a slew of good websites out there but nothing like a recommendation. Eliza's top pick is The Sunny Field a short drive out of London in the North Kent Downs, the hosts put on a pizza party every Friday evening and every site has a firepit and most importantly - dogs are welcome.  We always try to find a spot with some good walking options nearby. Check out DAME's blog listing some great walking spots. Great news if a pub is nearby or make the pub your campsite!

2) If you are new to this or have a few gaps in your gear, borrowing is always the best route for many reasons, one being 'try before you buy'. It's really helped us build up our kit in a considered way, space is at a premium so every item needs to be worth it. Check out Tent share which lets you rent a tent (or rent out yours to others), Contented Camping has a more extensive rental offer and Gumtree is a great source of secondhand finds too.

3) Re-useables re-usables re-useables. Easy to do if you bring your supplies from home and if like us, you enjoy making the most of local delicacies, then take your containers with you to stock up at local shops. Loads of great campsites now offer food and the standards are good. Reusable wipes are a great shout and always come in handy for a multitude of uses. 


4) A few home comforts go a long way and always pack for colder than expected temperatures. Tips from: Mary a weighty wool blanket makes so much difference at night and a bath mat for the tent entrance to soak up soggy feet.


 5) Leave no trace, it goes without saying to leave things as you find them. But what about the bi-products you can't take away such as the liquids and personal care products that get washed away, are they greywater safe?  Dispense and take a little KANKAN soap with you (our baby wash you can use for hair too). Toothpaste tabs are a great option also.

6) And finally from us. Embrace it with open arms and try something a little different from the norm. Lie down and look up at the stars, have an evening picnic at the beach, open your lungs and belt out some tunes (though always being mindful of respecting the camping code and your neighbours :) and most definitely eat some s’mores 

Happy camping campers