6 ways to embrace #plantsnotplastic this Veganuary

6 ways to embrace #plantsnotplastic this Veganuary - KANKAN

We thought we’d put a little twist on doing a round up of Veganuary products we use throughout the home. Instead, this January, we going with the mantra of More plants, less plastic. We’ve reached out to some of our fav plant loving pals and asked them to share their top tips on how we can all embrace a little more plant and a little less of the plastic stuff.  We hope it may inspire some changes that go far beyond the month of Jan!

One for all of us 

There's lots of native herbs that are readily available to us, safe to use and highly nutritious and beneficial. Our favorites are young Spring Nettle tops, dry these for a tea to use all year round. Rachel, Wilder Botanics. A great veganuary product that is free for all and gets us out in nature amongst the plants. Win Win.

One to help get more veg into the kids

Keep mealtimes relaxed! I find setting out a selection of different bowls of food really helps more hesitant eaters to explore and is not too intimidating. Also use veggies to add colour - spinach, kale etc for green, beetroot for bright pink (lollies, pancakes, waffles - lots of fun food!). Help your kids to be confident around colour and variety. Rachel, Little Veggie Eats

One to reduce the plastic

Use old newspapers/paper shopping bags as liners for your bins and to create potting containers for plants. It always surprises me that bin liners and even recycling bags are made from plastic… still! Using old paper shopping bags or even cardboard boxes broken down to line your bins saves more plastic ending up in landfill. Renee, Dabba Drop (a veganuary essential we say!)

One to help your plants flourish

Repotting your newly purchased plants into a larger pot is the best way to give them a healthy start. Most plants are grown in greenhouses so that they look as lush and full as possible for the shops, that means that they are often already too big for the pot. Gently turn them out of their pot and if you can see a root ball forming with the roots pressing up against the side, then repot them using a plant pot that is about 1-2inches wider in diameter.

Don’t throw away your small pots though, they are great to keep to the side for propagating any spider plant babies, or you could start a mini propagation station. Grow your own little community by giving them away as gifts to friends and neighbours.  Marianna Popejoy, consultant in Biophilic design,

Get refilling with vegan liquid soap.

Did you know, the average two-person household consumes 30.9 KG plastic waste in their bathroom per year. Buy our (vegan) botanical  soap in bulk, enjoy plastic savings, money savings and more trees planted! Mary, KANKAN

A no brainer, switch your cleaning products.

Most household cleaning products are full of harsh chemicals and sold in single-use plastic bottles – that's bonkers. Homethings is changing the cleaning game with refillable eco cleaning products that are better for your home and the planet. Our sprays are certified by The Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International. Lois, Homethings

And thank you to GQ for including KANKAN hand wash in their round up of best Vegan hand wash, when it comes to washing hands why not opt for a little luxury vegan hand wash? It tis Veganuary after all. 

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