Meet Kim Darragon, Founder of Kim Does Marketing, Resident of the Barbican, Lover of KANKAN

Introducing the wonderful Kim Darragon - Founder of Kim Does Marketing. She brings a well needed freshness to the world of small business marketing and is a real gem in getting you clear and focused. Here's a glimpse into her world.. 

I’m Kim Darragon – I’m a professional marketing consultant from a little village in the south of France, but I’ve been living in London for the past 10 years. I’m half French, half Laotian.

Tell us a little about where you live, who you live with and why this is important to you.

I currently live in the Barbican Estate in London, after spending 9 long and lovely years in Hackney. I live with my husband Danny. Going from Hackney to the City of London has been a big change of scenery. While we’re surrounded by big (and now empty) office buildings, the Barbican is really green despite all the concrete. You can hear the water from the lake in front of our balcony, and all kinds of birds chirping as well. It’s definitely more peaceful than Kingsland Road or Mare Street! I do miss the liveliness of Hackney, though – the people, the cafes, the indie wine shops on every corner.

When you are looking for a new home, what is the one thing that is a must-have?

I love a huge window – being able to project ourselves out of the four walls of our flat, daydreaming and looking at the outside world. Light and brightness at home is very important to me. Dark walls, furniture, carpets aren’t my vibe.

What do you do?

I’m the founder of Kim Does Marketinga marketing and event consultancy specialised in helping startups and small businesses, especially founders from underrepresented backgrounds. I offer coaching and consulting services on everything marketing from strategy to social media, email marketing to SEO.

What is the best part of your job?

What I enjoy most is helping passionate entrepreneurs reach their business goals, elevate their brand story and spread the word about their products or services. My clients usually have a relatively modest budget but huge dreams. It’s so rewarding to see them grow their profiles.And then it’s being my own boss! Working on the projects that matter to me, partnering with people who match my values and choosing who I want to work with. It’s ideal.

Name one everyday object that you can’t live without?

I’d say my phone, but that’s so sad and boring – and yet it’s a bit true. I need to stay connected with my friends and my family back in France. Pretty essential. I’d also say my red Moleskine notebook. Jotting down my thoughts, to-do lists, ideas, interesting quotes I read, doodles, etc. Ink on paper has a much bigger power than digital.

Name one everyday pleasure..

Chocolate! I love all chocolate, from Kinder Bueno to Vietnamese brand Marou to Pierre Herme’s passion fruit chocolate bonbons. I can’t end a meal without something sweet…

What is the one smell that triggers a memory?

The scent of pine trees on a hot summer day. There are a lot of pine trees in the town I’m from in the south of France. You usually hang out under them to protect yourself from the sun, or for a little nap in my grand ma's garden. They have a distinctive, refreshing scent, especially if you crush pine nuts or rub a small branch with your fingers. I’ve read that this scent is used to ease stress, and I can see that. Smelling it makes me instantly feel calm.

What is the one smell that makes you hungry?

The smell of fresh bread, especially in a French bakery. Warm, soft, crusty.

What plastic-free initiatives have you gotten behind?

I try to buy fruit and veg loose and avoid unnecessary packaging. I bring my own shopping bag everywhere I go. I also gave up plastic food containers and I use a reusable water bottle wherever I go.

What’s your 2021 sustainable pledge you’ve made?

To support brands that genuinely want to do good for the planet and help change the way we consume. I’m going to buy from fewer huge, mainstream fashion brands and support small designers and makers. Checking the supply chain and values of brands is key for me.

What actions have you done recently to help your carbon footprint?

I buy organic, local and seasonal ingredients. Farmdrop and Oddbox are great initiatives. Switching off the lights in a room when I leave is also super important! Buying less stuff in general, too. There’s no need to jump on trends and add more stuff to my home and life.

What is the first place you recommend to visitors that are coming to town?

Visiting art galleries and museums on the weekend is one of my favorite activities, so I’ll recommend visiting the V&A (Victoria & Albert), my favorite museum in London. I especially love their sculpture collections.

Favourite shop/ place in your neighbourhood? 

Crispin – it’s an all-day cafe and wine bar in east London. The building itself is super unique; it’s a small glass and zinc pavilion that juts out of the ground from nowhere and really disrupts the landscape! They have awesome pain au chocolats (and I’m very picky with my pastries!), great coffee from Assembly Roast, a brilliant selection of natural wine, and (pre-Covid) they often hosted supper club evenings with local chefs