KANKAN is in the press: March 2021

With the week beginning with International Women's Day we were all set for this week’s 6 pack to be showcasing females who continue to inspire and push us forward on our KANKAN journey. Then we saw an interesting post from a founder who decided instead on IWD she would lead from the front and speak up about some of her own personal successes.

Taking Aisling's lead, we will share and celebrate with you, some press we have had of late. We are forever grateful for those of you who are joining us on our journey and for the awareness this press brings. Let us take a well deserved moment to enjoy it.

The Guardian Design team did a lovely round up of ethical homeware, they featured products from makers focused on sustainable consumption. We were featured alongside brands such as Ocean Plastic Pots who are recycling rope and fishing net into colourful plant pots and In Casa by Paboy a small homeware social enterprise based in Naples.

KANKAN playing its part in shaking things up. As reported in the Financial Times, the beauty industry is notorious when it comes to packaging waste. Consumers wising up to this combined with Independent disruptors has provoked a beauty packaging arms waste between the world’s cosmetic giants. In an industry that is projected to grow to £131bn by 2025 there is a lot at stake. Read the full article here Packaging, the beauty industry’s new arms race 

Being featured by the legendary Sali Hughes in her Guardian column has been a bit of a dream come true. She puts the spotlight on the realities of waste in the bathroom and a lot of the confusion that exists at consumer level. Enter brands such as KANKAN using Aluminium which can be infinitely recycled, regardless of what postcode you live in. Thank you Sali.

The team at Harpers Bazaar also illustrate that shopping for beauty products in a sustainable way isn’t always an easy task, often fraught with confusion, jargon and greenwashing. They give their round up of easy, simple switches to make your routine more sustainable.


The Robb report, the manual of modern luxury, selected KANKAN as one of eight British brands on their radar. Always a perk to see KANKAN featured alongside a brand hero of ours, Haeckles 

Eluxue magazine has done a feature about the growing trend we are seeing of brands taking measures to be responsible for their carbon impact. One we certainly hope doesn’t remain a trend but just becomes mainstay. Eluxe highlights our efforts of committing to one tree being planted for every can sold.