Father’s Day gift ideas from Black Owned Businesses in London.

From the big heavy hitting events of 2020 so far, it could feel as though we are heading towards some pretty bleak times, but then I’m reminded of the fact that we have just been asleep at the wheel of a life that seemed (to some) as pretty good. But it was at the sacrifice of other lives that have been far from good, marginalised or second class. These issues have been brought to our attention around the globe by the inequalities that covid has exposed, through the police brutality that resulted in global strikes for racial equality. And I’m sure there are many more to come, because all these issues are interconnected, as life is, and when you address one, you raise the attention of another.

We are 100% committed to making impact as a company. Whilst we have been focused on the environmental impact, social justice is integrally connected to this too. So, whilst Father’s Day seems a little far reaching from the events we’re currently witnessing, we can do one small part by showcasing our favourite black owned businesses.

So here’s our favourites for our Dad’s this year —

REFILL: Childish Gambino features on this water bottle. Whilst you are at it, have a listen to his most recent album here.

READ: There are so many good books that have been shared over the last few weeks but our pick for today is this. Reni Eddo-Lodge’s original blog broke through the usually defences of institutionalised racism in 2014 and the points she raises are still as relevent as ever. You can buy this anywhere, but if you buy it from New Beacon Books, you support Britain’s first black publishers.

TEND: with PRICK, London’s first Cactus focused plant store. When you order here you not only order plants from a small business that is currently closed due to COVID - sure all orders gratefully received, but you also buy from a business with the best name ever. And they’re based in our favourite home town neighbourhood of Hackney. Cactus — a plant that is hard to kill, but easy to love.

DRINK: Very few folks don’t appreciate a quality booze gift, and rum is one that they might need help with. Introduce them to a new and exciting local brand. Las Olas is the first premium black owned spiced rum set up by friends, and intended to be drunk straight, rather than in cocktails. We love them even more because they’re planning on releasing refill packs too.

SMELL: Maya Njie has developed a range of perfumes that are genderless and modern. She’s inspired by her Swedish and her Gambian heritage. She offers a taster set from her online store AND gets extra credentials for offering a refill solution too. We love.

WEAR: For the many days & nights we are spending at home, you can never go past the need for more slouch. Will we ever go back to our jeans? Maybe not if they look as stylish as these. Much more comfies also online here at Not Just Another Store.