Get a glimpse into the colour loving world of Zeena Shah

Hello! My name is Zeena I am an Art Director, Stylist, Author and TV presenter (wearer of many creative hats!). I live in East London with my fiancé in a flat we rent in a beautiful listed art deco building.
What does home mean to you?
After over of year of spending more time than ever at home it's become an even more important part of our lives. Home is a place to bring joy, comfort and calm and for me decorating it and making it our space goes hand in hand with those feelings and being at home.
I'm a super creative person and as you can tell I have a very varied career where I did in and out of a variety of 'jobs' that are all collectively a bit of who I am.
What was the job you thought you’d have when you were younger?
Absolutely not, an Asian in the arts? What even is an Art Director? Sadly I had no idea these jobs even existed as a child. It's funny I can't really remember if there was ever one thing I wanted to be or do and perhaps that's why I have such a varied career now! Indecisive and creative!
Talk us through your morning rituals..
It's been tricky to get the life work balance right when working from home in a one bedroom flat... so my fiancé and I like to start the day slowly with a coffee. We started getting up earlier too which I hated at first as I'm a night owl but now love the time we have together in the mornings. As we're getting married soon we've been alternating days with a morning run club which has been so nice now that Summer is here. Then we'll get ready for the day and set up our laptops at the dining table ready for work. We tend to put as much as we can away at the end of the day to avoid overlapping into down time as I find it hard to switch off and out of sight out of mind really works!
What is your favourite scent and why?
It's so tricky to choose a favourite as I like to pair my scents with my mood and outfits. At the moment I'm being drawn to rich woody and oak smells but I equally love fig, neroli and scents of rosemary. They take me to nature so it's a scent of escapism.
What actions have you done recently to help your carbon footprint?
I'm always mindful of how I can help to reduce waste and my carbon footprint. I walk or cycle everywhere and use public transport for almost everything else. I don't have a car. Eating in more of a sustainable way and only buying fish and meat from local sustainable suppliers. No plastic, sadly we can't avoid it all from supermarkets but I try my best to avoid it where possible and always carry a reusable bag with me. There's always so much more we can so, next on my list is to tackle some of the litter in East London after a sunny day the rubbish is atrocious so there's definitely more to be done.
Favourite shop/ place in your neighbourhood? And why?
It has to be P France, it's our local wine bar and restaurant. It's so cute and cosy and you can pop in for a glass of something divine and eat something delicious and carefully sourced from chefs that change every 6 months or so. Always where I take friends!