(Grand) Fathers Day — what dads really want for their day in the sun. Part 1.

(Grand) Fathers Day — what dads really want for their day in the sun. Part 1.

We are thrilled to be included in some amazing fathers day gift guides this year, and all the products there are listed look terrific. But as I was looking through, I didn’t see many gifts listed that I thought the dads that I knew and loved would appreciate.

My dad turned 65 this year, and I couldn’t for the life of me think of what to get him for his birthday a few weeks back. He has two sheds worth of things, most of which he doesn’t use much anymore — he doesn’t golf like he’d like (mostly due to a pending knee replacement) or bike ride. He has a total disrespect for spending money on clothes much to the frustration of his wife.

So, for this fathers day news, I thought I’d ask him straight out — for the benefit of me and also for you. Whilst the thrill of suprise and (hopefully) nailing the winning gift is all too tempting, I find this is an unrealistic reach for me these days. I don’t want to be aimlessly walking the proverbial aisles, looking for that ‘special, meaningful’ gift. Going direct might provide the answers or at least make the process all that easier. And we all want our loved ones to actually want the gifts we give, right?

So I asked.

And what I received, was this.

  1. Stand up Paddle Board (for when I’m walking again)
  2. Around the world ticket (open dated) for when we’re able to fly again.
  3. Unlimited Ladbrokes betting account
  4. All expenses paid fortnight at Kosciusko chalet in winter
  5. A private one to one with the Dalai Lama in Manali

Otherwise, I don’t want anything


So sadly, on first read, not that helpful. The SUP board — previously scoffed by Dad before his knee got the better of him as “totally pointless” was a suprise addition. As an ex-surfer from the 70’s currently recovering from a knee op, seems like old dogs do need new tricks.

Perhaps this Father’s Day, we might just have to help.