Hope Floats: Good Riddance to 2020. Here's what we're hopeful for in 2021.

Well, we did It. This marathon year definitely made its mark, and we've all had a different experience under the shadow of Corona because of it. I don't often wish away time, but I'm glad we can draw a land in the sand tonight and be grateful we have come to the end of one shocker of a year. But rather than dwell, we asked our broader community what they were hopeful for in 2021 - and this is what they all had to say..

Kim Darragon - Marketing Wizz

"This year has felt like one big race – rushing to adapt, listen, pivot and act as quickly as possible, which hasn't left much time to reflect on the past twelve months. Getting married and launching a business in 2020 was a rollercoaster as well! This Christmas I'm hopeful for some time to digest everything that's happened personally and professionally (and also, of course, in the world).

This Christmas and New Year's it's time to celebrate the wins, let go of the failures, and be the best I can for myself and the people around me – and continue educating myself on all the things that matter, from diversity to the environment."

Danielle Leyendecker - Wordsmith

"I hope that the creativity, industriousness, and wit I have experienced throughout this year manifests itself into true and lasting change.  That creative initiatives are recognised, rewarded, and supported.  I hope that cities and communities continue to support those that support them.  And I hope that all of our good intentions stay with us and continue to assert themselves as we emerge from this 2020 that was (I hope) a brief-ish crash course in reminding us of what we value the most."

Helen Cooper - Wise Beacon

"I’ll be thinking of my close friends and relatives, thankful that none have been hit by COVID-19, and looking forward to a time soon when we can all get together safely again. Seems like Easter is going to be the big holiday next year for family gatherings.
I’m convinced that 2021 is going to be awesome so many different reasons, so we have a lot to look forward to, so let’s be thankful for surviving this completely unexpected year."

Eliza Flanagan - All-rounder

"My hope for 2021 is a rebirth in a sense - 2020 brought clearly home the things that I value most, how precious my mental health and endurance is and who I hold dear. This new year holds promise of action and implement change. We have lots of work to do but with the work we all have been doing in the background - sowing the seeds of change, added to the new ways we now connect online, I'm hopeful that good things can catch on wider and faster than wildfire.