In need of some sustainable Secret Santa Inspo?

Find yourself needing some inspo when it comes to choosing your Secret Santa gift this year? Want to find something that will both bring joy and offer a more eco alternative? Read on for top picks from Co-Founder Mary

1. A pair of plant died Napkins £16 hand dyed and printed by Miriam Dembach. Miriam makes each napkin by hand in Clapton, using plant dyes and flowers on 100% cotton. Each one is completely unique. These were dyed using avocado as a base, with golden rod and brazilwood details. When it comes to a sustainable secret santa gift this ticks all the boxes.

2. A pair of smoked sherry glasses £14. Buying vintage is a great ethical route to finding an environmentally friendly secret santa gift. These mid-century glasses are suitable for sherry, port or after-dinner liqueurs. These are a really sleek and elegant shape. In buying vintage you are opting for an eco friendly gift.

3. One pot, pan planet £26. When it comes to gifts that help the environment this is a perfect pressie. This has really helped me in my quest to reduce the amount of meat in my diet, minimise waste in the kitchen and bring confidence into my (lack of) cooking ability and mojo. I love Anna’s book so much, if you are needing some sustainable secret santa ideas this is one that will be sure to appeal.

4. Dried flower bouquet £45. Who ever said flowers aren’t for crimbo? Especially when they look as amazing as this and they are intended to last and last. A gorgeous eco friendly secret santa gift by the amazing Roseur.

5. Scrunchies where it comes to a recycled secret santa idea then this one tops it! £24 by Magpie Vintage. Following their no waste ethos, these giant, oversized scrunchies are created from the off cuts of MV’s salvaged patchwork quilt garments.

6. Mending kit £10. In this kit by Restoration London you have all the tools you need to learn the basics of the traditional Japanese mending technique Boro - to repair and revive your much loved pieces. And you will receive instructions to help you get started and inspiration sheets plus keep an eye out on their site for their workshops. A great eco friendly secret santa gift that encourages #repair and #reuse

7. Look after your laptop Baggu £28 Up your laptop fashion game with Baggu's Yellow Smiley puffy laptop sleeve. Made from recycled nylon and quilted and stuffed to provide your 13" laptop or tablet with just enough padding for comfortable rides. A lovely sustainable secret santa gift to bring a smile to both you and your laptop.

8. KANKAN Starter set £24. Give that someone special the gift of natural, luxurious soap and help them ditch the plastic in the bathroom too. Vegan friendly, filled with aromatic, nourishing essential oil blends. This is an eco-friendly secret Santa present that is sure to delight.

9. Calendar - the revolution starts at home £19.20 This illustrated calendar, a collaboration between artist Frances Whitfield and ecological grower Poppy Okotcha spotlights the growing, preparing and sharing of food as a radical act that reconnects us to the natural world and to each other while addressing the climate justice emergency. Month by month you will be given strategies that range from how to grow your own to cooking with compassion. Pre-orders available now for delivery early Dec. This is most definitely a gift that helps the environment.

10. Deodorant might not be your first pick of a secret santa gift, but this def won’t offend. We reckon Get Fussy is the sexist, sustainable deodorant out there, £18. It comes with plastic-free refills and is filled with clean, effective ingredients. A great eco friendly secret santa gift.