Introducing Celeste Wong

Tell us a little about where you live, who you live with and why this is important to you.

I just moved out of my flat in East London which I lived in for about 8 years. It became a really toxic environment for me lately. I’m currently staying in South West London temporarily as I’m about to make another move somewhere sunny with my bae! I think your home environment is extremely important to overall positive mental health. 

What are some of your daily rituals that you rely on to make you happy?

A part from my morning coffee of course, getting some form of exercise everyday. I used to dread it, but walking has been great over lockdown. I used to run, to “get it over with”, but now I don’t worry so much about “wasting time” and think about it more positively. It’s time to work out any thoughts that are stressing me out, to get a podcast in, a time to keep my body at a good healthy level, and to get some outdoor sunshine! And of course, these days when I come home I wash my hands straight away, and doing it with delicious hand soap makes me really happy!

What does home mean to you?

Somewhere you feel safe, have freedom and privacy.

What do you do? 

I’m the owner of The Girl in the Cafe Coffee and lifestyle entrepreneur. 

What made you end up in the career you have?

Over the years, being a barista and in hospitality while being an actress, I realised that coffee was something I consistently loved, was experienced in and had built up a positive reputation for - so I combined it with my interest in media and my love for and of inspiring people. 

What was the job you thought you’d have when you were younger? A famous singer or movie star. To be honest, sometimes I still do. 😉🤷🏻‍♀️


Everyday Luxury

What is the one luxury that money can’t buy? Empathy and kindness

Talk us through your morning rituals..

I wake up and look at my sleep stats (I have a new smartwatch, so lets see how long this ritual lasts). 

I always brush my teeth, wash my face (with a bamboo flannel) as soon as I’m up.

I’ve started putting asorbic acid (Vitamin C) on my face every morning (The ordinary), Then moisturise with RenSkincare Evercalm global protection day cream and mix in their SPF with it too. 

Take my Vitamins

Make myself a coffee in my reusable CafeConcetto Cup

Drink it while I’m on my 1.5hour walk….


Name one everyday pleasure.. 

TBH, Sex. I think healthy sex is so important and really positive for people physically and mentally - but I also mean that in regards to true intimacy in general which isn’t always physical. But I’m currently in a long distance relationship so unfortunately I don’t get that pleasure at the moment.  So I guess my everyday pleasure really is with the relationship that has been my longest, COFFEE.  Without a doubt my biggest everyday attainable pleasure is good coffee.

Aroma -

What is your favourite scent and why?

Citrus - its so fresh and sweet. It always makes me feel good.

What is the one smell that makes you hungry?

The air. Basically I’m hungry 24/7.


What’s your 2021 sustainable pledge you’ve made?

Well it actually started for me during 2019 when I decided to phase out my skincare and household products and replace them all with ethical, sustainable and natural products. Your hand soap/brand was part of my discovery at that stage!

So all my skincare products are natural and sustainable. All my cleaning products too. I switched from tampons to reusable menstrual cup, I wash my clothes with natural mineral eco-ball. My shampoo and conditioner is natural (NZ company called Ethique) and I make a real effort not to buy new clothes. It’s hard, because for me buying new clothes can be an emotional thing, but I try to replace that urge with other positive selfcare activities instead - like cooking nice food and exercising. I try to buy fruit and vegetables that aren’t wrapped in plastic and eating considerably less meat in general. 

Buying natural make up that I actually like is my biggest challenge. Though, it’s a good excuse to wear less. I’m still using up make up that I bought before I was more aware of it’s environmental impact (mainly lipstick as I have quite the collection) but I also don’t believe in waste either so I feel ok about using them up. But once they’re done, I’ll be finding better more eco-friendly, vegan replacement. 


What is the first place you recommend to visitors that are coming to town?

Unfortunately throughout Lockdown, many cafes have closed. However I would recommend getting a coffee at Rosslyn which is ideal because my next recommendation would be the Tate Modern just a 10min walk across the bridge from it. 

A must go holiday spot..

Sicily or Lisbon