Kids For Kids x KANKAN charity fundraise

If you haven’t already heard, this October we partnered with Kids for Kids for their Soap Appeal. We sold our ‘Near Perfect’ forever bottles to raise money to provide families in Darfur with soap and tips for best hand washing practice. Medical care is out of reach for many rural villages, so access to soap is an integral step towards stopping the spread of Covid in this already vulnerable community.  



Kids for Kids is a British-based charity supporting families living in extreme poverty in Darfur, Sudan. Since 2001, they have been working alongside communities, empowering them to provide food, water and medical care for their children.



Darfur is located in the western region of Sudan. Landlocked in the centre of Africa, it extends from the Sahara dessert and reaches southern Sudan. This diverse piece of land — the size of France — has soaring mountains, sporadic patches of forest, and sandy dunes. In many places, it is arid and waterless and can only be inhabited where there are water reservoirs. Western Sudan has seen years of war and violence and many villages suffer from starvation, crop failure and water scarcity.


Kids for Kids projects aim to raise families out of poverty long-term. The charity’s main project is the Goat Loan — an initiative that lends a family six goats for a two-year period. These families, elected by their community and often headed by women, are unable to provide enough food for their children. The goat’s milk provides invaluable sustenance for those suffering from starvation. Surplus milk can be sold and this additional income is used to send their children to school, afford health care and access other basic amenities. Once the two-year period has passed, the flock of goats has grown to as many as 20. They can then provide the next family in need with six healthy goats.

As well as goats, donkeys are loaned to villages as a form of transport. Donkeys in Darfur are the school bus, the ambulance, the plough for fields, and the taxi. There are no roads or railways in most of Darfur so besides walking, donkeys are the only means of transport. The region’s dry climate made worse by years of drought means that it can take nine hours by foot to collect water. This solitary journey is often made by young children. Hand-dug wells near the village rapidly dries in the 50 °C heat, so hand pumps are essential to maintain crops and livestock. Kids for Kids are installing pumps in each village to access the vast water beneath the dirt.   

We are proud to be partnering with such an impactful charity while the world experiences this pandemic together.