Meet Emma Merry, founder of Homemilk, Walthamstow resident and lover of colourful interiors

I live in magical Walthamstow with my husband and son. E17 is an incredible place to live, I’m not sure I could have launched my business @homemilk without the support of the community, everyone really got behind it and helped it grow. 

Our home is full of bold colour, something I am passionate about. I’ve been in and out of London quite a bit in the last couple of months and each time I have returned I have realised how much my home replenishes me. I feel drained if I’m apart from it for too long.

What are some of your daily rituals that you rely on to make you happy?

From being super lazy earlier in life I’m now a fan of a morning workout. I’m dead after 20 mins but afterwards I feel like I've started my day like a badass.

What is the one thing you would grab if the house was burning?

My Lilac armchairs 

When you are looking for a new home, what is the one thing that is a must-have?

It’s all about the floorplan. Plan to look past the icky interior and base your decision on the size you are after. Then make it your own.

What do you do? 

I’m the host of my interiors inspiration platform @homemilk (where I tour incredible UK homes), colour consultant and interior designer.

What was the job you thought you’d have when you were younger?

Oh I was all over the place, no real idea for so many years. I remember being interested in architecture but didn’t end up pursuing it. I also thought I might be an actress! Can’t imagine enjoying that now.

If money, skills, experiences or time weren’t a factor -  what job would you do?

A travel writer...specifically for luxury hotels 

Talk us through your morning rituals..

If all’s going to plan I meditate, workout, then drink a green tea and eat an egg. God I love eggs.

Name one everyday object that you can’t live without?

My teapot, but saying that it’s just broken!! 


What is your favourite scent and why?

Oh wow good question, I like so many. I’m a smokey, cedar, vanilla, neroli type of gal. They are so comforting.

What is the one smell that triggers a memory - what is that memory?

Eucalyptus. We stayed in a beautiful Riad in Morocco once. It had an underground spa and the smell hit you as soon as you went in, I’ll never forget it.

What’s your 2021 sustainable pledge you’ve made?

Any products I launch (exciting plans ahead) will be thoughtfully produced, sustainability will be a top priority


What actions have you done recently to help your carbon footprint?

We don’t have a car, it feels so excessive to have one in London

Favourite shop/ place in your neighbourhood? And why?

Oooh can I say 3? I love them all equally. Word Store (the coolest kids stuff and homewares), Everything but the dog (a treasure trove of retro furniture) and The Every Space (unbelievable plants and more) 


My 6 fav bathrooms:

Bathroom 1 

It was such a pleasure to shoot @shacklewellarchitects bathroom. Love how the green tiles make me think of minty toothpaste. It’s all so fresh and bright, a joy to rinse your bits in I’m sure.


Bathroom 2 

@rossshiers beautiful small bathroom is cleverly divided into sections with the use of colour blocking. It makes it feel more expansive as your eyes dance around the pinks and blues. 


Bathroom 3 

Sometimes it’s just got to be all pink. @stokey_abode went for it with these perfectly pink tiles, accessorised with brass and vintage elements. I’m in love.


Bathroom 4

Greens are big news at the moment as we look to embrace our connection with nature. What better place to use them than in the Bathroom. @untillemonsrsweet drenched her walls in this mossy mid century green.


Bathroom 5 

It was a lot of fun colour consulting for @debbiemtwinn. Being able to realise a pink painted tub against a blue panelled wall was pure joy. Who doesn’t want to bathe in a pink bathtub?


Bathroom 6 

@claryandpeg showing us how to master wallpapering in the bathroom. She’s picked out the green of the grasshopper and used it to paint her panelling, clever and beautiful stuff.


Are you drowning in a sea of colour charts and paint samples and can’t see your way out? I’m here to help. Drop me a DM to hear more about my colour consultancy services.