Meet Josh: Co-Founder of CanO Water

Can you tell us how CanO Water came to be? What is it that CanO Water does and does differently?

CanO Water was started by myself and 2 best friends, after a trip to Thailand opened our eyes to the devastating impact plastic pollution has on our planet. CanO Water defies the norm by being the first canned water product in the world. We have now paved the way for many brands who want to follow suit by putting purpose and authenticity at the forefront of their business.

What are some of the challenges that you have had since you’ve been in business?

Things haven’t always been plain sailing and being a disruptor brand isn’t easy, especially when you are selling a product that is changing the way people have consumed water for so many years. There have been many hurdles along the way but it is important to remain positive and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What are some of the highlights?

Some of my highlights are seeing David Attenborough with a CanO Water, getting listed in Tesco and other incredible retailers. But the thing that excites me the most is seeing people walking in the streets with a CanO Water who have made a conscious decision to chose our Cans over a plastic bottle.

What does a typical day look like at CanO Water HQ?

As part of the marketing team we have daily meetings to discuss marketing activity for that week and the future. We like to be as creative as possible and find as a team when we come together and bounce ideas around the room this is when we come up with our biggest and best ideas that you see CanO Water putting out into the wild. No idea is a bad idea and we very much encourage the team to share their creative thinking. 

What are the next 5 years looking like for CanO Water?

We aim to keep building the brand and to inspire others. Education is incredibly important when it comes to sustainability through digital and out of home activity. We aim to raise awareness of the impact of pollution by engaging with our consumers.  

Is there a goal where you feel the business has succeeded or fulfilled its mission? 

Our vision is to remove a billion plastic bottles within the next 10 years and to inspire other brands to follow suit. Since starting CanO water we have already seen a shift in businesses going from plastic bottles to cans that can recycle forever. 

Are there any businesses you want to shout about doing amazing things with sustainability and packaging design? 


Nuude Gum

Wild Deodorants 

Nurhu Bars


Can you share any tricks or tips that you do to reduce your plastic consumption outside of your work life?

Personally if I haven't got my reusable flask I will always have a CanO Water on hand. We all know it's not easy to stay 100% plastic free and the world constantly throws us into situations where we have a choice and sometimes the only choice is plastic. If I find there is a choice between plastic and a more recyclable solution I will always chose the one better for the planet, because even if it costs more it doesn’t cost the Earth.