Meet Lucy Wern, PR wonder woman for small business, author and platform owner for all things branding

Hello! I’m a PR expert and founder of The Wern, a PR & design consultancy for startups. I also run a DIY PR & branding platform to help small business owners get access to expert publicity and brand learning. I’ve written two books Hype Yourself: a no-nonsense PR toolkit and my second book which is written with Hadrien Chatelet; Brand Yourself which is available for pre-order now. 

Tell us a little about where you live, who you live with and why this is important to you.

I live in east london with my creative director who incidentally happens to be co-founder of my two children

What are some of your daily rituals that you rely on to make you happy?

I run with Rachel (widely known as Little Veggie Eats) every other day. I totally need the accountability partner to keep consistent. I try and always make time for a desk disco or some ridiculous desk squats to keep moving when working from home.

Where possible, I always try to have dinner with my minis every night and read them stories. At the moment, we are getting into books with no words so we make our own stories up. IT’s very therapeutic we grabbed a whole bunch from Telling Tales. (pic below)

What does home mean to you? 

What is the one thing you would grab if the house was burning? A knitted octopus that our second child held when he was fighting for his life in Great Ormond Street. 

What is the best part of your job / What is the thing that keeps you up at night?

I love creating fun and quirky content that inspires other founders to put themselves out there. Getting small business owners who are lovely people and work on brilliant businesses famous through their brand or publicity is such a great feeling. 

What is the one luxury that money can’t buy?



What is the one smell that makes you hungry?

Toast. Without fail. If I’m trying to reduce carbs it’s a nightmare. 


What plastic-free initiatives have you gotten behind?

Actually inspired by KANKAN I started to work my way around the bathroom and kitchen, so I’ve got two   DAME reusable pads set, bamboo reusable cotton pads. Habox for eco-friendly toothbrushes for children and smol laundry & dishwasher tablets and cleaning sprays,


What is the first place you recommend to visitors that are coming to town?

Gosh. That’s a little bit like picking your favourite child and also weather dependent. But obviously I live in east London so I guess I would very much direct in the Hackney locale. IF you want classic (or vegan) fish and chips Sutton & Sons. IF you want a banging roast dinner Jones & Sons Dalston. If you want wicked vintage clothing or interior products Pelican & Parrots and grab a print from Jealous Gallery


A must go holiday spot

Since this whole “P” word we have been to the Isle of Wight twice and with two mini-people it's ideal. The whole island is geared up for kids and the beaches are not as ferociously busy as some of the hotspots in the UK.