Meet Rosie: Founder of PR Dispatch and lover of seaside living

We had the pleasure of interviewing Rosie Davies-Smith all about her PR agency and her new life by the Devon sea-side. 

If you can give us a little intro as to who you are to set the picture…

Hello! I’m Rosie - 34 and live in Kingsbridge, South Devon. I’m the founder of a small business DIY PR platform, PR Dispatch. I’ve been running a PR business for the last decade and absolutely love supporting independent brands in getting noticed by the press.

Tell us a little about where you live, who you live with and why this is important to you.

In 2020 we moved to Devon after 11 years in London (before that I grew up and went to university in Liverpool). The question my husband Nick and I get asked most is “Why Devon, do you have family there?” The answer is no. We weren’t even thinking about moving. The truth is, I had fallen down one of my Rightmove holes and I found our dream house on a tidal creek just outside of Kingsbridge, South Devon.

When we booked a viewing I honestly thought we were just dreaming about what it could be like if we could make it work one day in the very distant future. Leaving London to move 5 hours away with a 6 month old and another baby on the way was not our plan but after seeing the house, village, lifestyle - we were sold.  In November 2020, we moved mountains to make it work and purchase our creek-side farm house in Devon. 

We love it here - accessing the sea, via a twice a day high tide, from the end of the garden makes you get up and out . We’ve made so many great friends in the area and spend our weekends on the water or exploring hidden beaches. I built a little studio in the garden to run PR Dispatch from, I also travel back to London every month or so to our Peckham based office. I’m really working to improve my work / life balance. Doing activities such as a quick paddle board on my lunch really makes a big difference. I’m calmer, more proactive and a better mum. I’d say living by the coast and having the sea as such a key part of my life makes me a better person. 

What are some of your daily rituals that you rely on to make you happy?

Getting outside in some way, shape or form. It’s really easy to just get carried away with work and sit at my desk all day so I have to make a conscious effort to get outside for at least 20 minutes each day. When I lived in London, I’d spend a lot of time walking or cycling between meetings or to the office. Since living in Devon, my step count has seriously reduced so whether it’s a dog walk, yoga on the lawn, paddle boarding or a walk along the creek, getting out and about to move my body and clear my head is crucial. 

What made you end up in the career you have?

It was during an internship for independent brand Lowie where my love for PR was first born after completing a textile design degree. I was given a pile of magazines and asked to pitch their products to the press. With no previous PR experience, I emailed each magazine.  After a few weeks the coverage began to roll in, Lowie was my first client, I was sold on PR! My clients grew and after a few years I had enough brands to start my own PR agency - LFA. I began to come across amazing brands through LFA who didn’t have the budget to spend with an agency, but had press worthy products and stories to tell. So in 2017 I set up a separate limited company, PR Dispatch, the UK’s first affordable PR platform dedicated to giving product-based businesses everything they needed to DIY their own PR, and the rest is history!

Talk us through your morning rituals.

I actually recently read The Miracle morning. I really really recommend it. It completely changed how I view mornings. I used to lie in bed until one of the babies would wake up and then rush to their room to sort them out before rushing breakfast, rushing to nursery and then rushing to the office to start my day. 

The Miracle morning explains that when you start the day by rushing and being stressed it sets you up for a day of feeling sluggish and non productive.

I now set my alarm for 5.40am. I meditate, journal, do some gentle exercise and read a chapter of a book all before the girls wake at 6.45 / 7am. I can’t emphasise enough how I am not a morning person but the benefits are undeniable. I think self development is really important and something that I could never find time for, so early in the morning is the perfect time to do all the things you never prioritise but should. 

What is your favourite scent and why?

Through the day it would have to be an uplifting citrusy scent such as orange or lemongrass as it boosts my mood and keeps me motivated. But I do love a calming lavender scent in the evenings to help me unwind and relax after a busy day.

What plastic-free initiatives have you gotten behind?

I try to consciously cut down on plastic wherever I can. I shop at the local greengrocers so our fruit and vegetables never come in plastic packaging. My trusty water bottle and coffee cups made from recycled materials go everywhere with me. I also try to always shop with slow fashion clothing brands (for both myself and the girls) that are transparent about their materials, as so many garments contain unnecessary plastics!

What is the first place you recommend to visitors that are coming to town?

South Milton sands. It's a beautiful sandy beach 15 minutes outside of Kingsbridge. The lanes to get there are tight (lots of reversing if you meet another car) but once there it’s incredible. I take my kids and dog there a lot. When the tide is in it’s lovely to go swimming and when the tide is out  it reveals hundreds of rock pools. There is a beach cafe (The Beach House) which serves hot food, wine and other snacks and drinks. It’s so peaceful - I love it.