My Plastic-Free(ish) Bathroom

My plastic free journey has a pattern, whilst the overall trajectory is in the right direction, it happens in fits and starts. So I wholeheartedly welcome things like plastic free July for giving me the focus to get my plastic free game on again. I decided for me it would be about the bathroom. A room rife with so many single-use plastic options but also an increasing number of new options available. The process of making switches is getting easier and more enjoyable for sure.

So here it is, my bathroom line up (minus a few omissions like the bog roll and period products, the latter which deserves a whole blog post in itself)

Whilst it can be easy to focus on all the stuff that ‘could’ be better I am going to give myself a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the cumulative effect of my efforts. Actually my bathroom offering is looking pretty good I reckon. I hadn’t quite realised the amount of stuff that has changed and stuck. (But the same can be said for the areas for improvement, it can be easy to default to the usual purchases when time is pressured and these are things we can’t do without…)

Without a doubt this plastic free journey has meant a few things for my bathroom shelf. There is ALOT less on it, it looks better and the quality and ‘clean’ credentials of my products have improved remarkably.

FACE. I have very loyally used Dr Hauschka for many years now. They are pretty practiced at what they do. Certified natural and organic I am a fan through and through. Definitely case and point for me on the value of a long lasting item. I have more recently introduced a BYBI serum for the mornings and evenings that I need a little extra. Once I am done I can return the bottle to them for it to be sterilised and re-used again. The founders are super passionate about sustainability, if you are interested to learn more on this topic they have a podcast called Clean Beauty Insiders.

The 500ml Good Wives & Warriors Bottle, with two cans of Baby Wash

BODY. KANKAN plays a pretty integral part in this. I love a multi tasking product and our baby wash is that for me. I use it for both body and hair. The lavender and chamomile make it a lovely soak at the end of the day too.

I have one homemade claim to my bathroom offer and that is this lovely shea butter which I use for all my body moisturising needs. Made under the guidance of the lovely founders from Liha. I enjoyed a great workshop they gave where Liha talked really passionately about her heritage and how making products like this was as common a place in the kitchen as learning to cook as a child. Keep an eye out on their website for when they next run an online workshop. I’m not sure I can commit to DIY being the way of the future for me but I will certainly be looking to purchase their natural, multipurpose butter once my homemade supply runs dry.

We Are Wild natural deodorant, with refills

I’ve struggled with deodorant and I’ve often fallen off the wagon. Whilst I have liked products like this LUSH deodorant bar I have found pitfalls in the user experience when it comes to unpackaged solids. Having coveted American brands such as Myro I am super excited to discover Wild in the UK doing things in the refill market. My order is on its way.

HAIR. Yup, it’s suffered the most in lock down. So happy to add this mask into the mix. Just reading the label feels good. Yolanda, the founder of We are Paradoxx is so very passionate about shaking things up in the beauty industry and is doing great things to fly the flag here.

MOUTH. We’ve been well in the groove of the bamboo brush and the Georganics dental floss but I haven’t had a lot else stick here. A recent addition which has definitely secured its spot on the shelf is Waken mouthwash. Alcohol free, lovely flavours and it comes in aluminium packaging. This next one is Euthymol toothpaste which as a disclosure, I am fully prepared to be called out on too, but from what I understand it’s a goodie. Here is a review . It’s like marmite in the toothpaste world. Pros for me: naturally antiseptic, it comes in an aluminium tube, I personally love the flavour and it is pink — bright pink. I’ve now found out there is a Facebook fan club so may just go and join….Following our wee tv foray the other week I now have Parla toothpaste tabs next on my list to try.

In writing this I’ve decided I am going to task myself with ‘costing out’ our bathroom purchases. Yes at the time they can individually feel like a costly alternative but I am curious to see the true tally when I factor it all in. Using less items, products that last longer and taking advantage of buying in bulk or on subscription. The other plus is all the payback initiatives which so many of these awesome brands contribute too.

The other point here is that good quality ingredients simply cost more. Whilst this may have started as a quest to reduce plastic in our lives the upside here is that we are using products that are way better for us too which is pretty hard to put a number on.

Wins all round.