Reborn In Color - Circular By Design

A friend I hadn't seen for years popped up on my instagram. The image was of someone holding a richly coloured set of bed clothes, in a rich Indian yellow with the simple words Reborn in Color. It was gorgeous. I was immediately hooked. 

The brand I was to find out was a recently started Swedish label by My Ericsson and Sofia Gromark, originally set up to repurpose their grandparents old linen. By dying and resizing vintage sheets they can birth new life into these quality made bedclothes. The vintage clothing resurgence is well and truly on its way, but this was my first time I'd seen it done in bedlinen, let alone, so beautifully.

Hello My & Sofia! How did you get started with Reborn In Color and what was the original idea that drove you to start a business?

We met when working together at a sporting goods company. We started to talk about doing something of our own where sustainability was a main value from start. We share the love for good quality and craftsmanship and after several dinners and many laughs we decided to go!

Can you tell us what is it the Reborn In Color do differently?

Reborn In Color have had sustainability and circularity focus since day 1. It's in our DNA. Circularity is one of the reasons we wanted to start our own brand. 

What are some of the challenges that you have had since you’ve been in business? 

High quantities and lack of money ;) For example, when we started our recycled down project, (using Re:down)  the minimums were much much much too high for us. We almost had to cancel this program until we manage to come down to quantities we could handle.  

But the toughest part has definitely been to reach to out to the customers. 

What are some of the highlights?

The product we are the most proud of is the recycled down blanket dyed in natural dye stuff. 

When/ how did you get interested in the idea of down recycling? Was it a recognition of the impact of the current ways we are farming and using or was it by seeing the potential of a high value item being thrown away and seeing potential value where others didn’t?

We got in contact with the factory during our years in the sports industry where we worked a lot with down jackets. 

What are your plans for the future ?

We have worked in this business for 20 years. Sofia is a designer and My is responsible for production. We work close together and inspired by each other. We are good at different things :-) 

We will continue doing what we do. Always with sustainability, good quality and color in mind. Who knows where it ends up. Our passion for products and sustainability will guide our way. We also might help other brands with these question in the future.

Whereabouts in Sweden are you based? Can you give us some further insight into what modern sustainable living looks like from where you are?

(We're in a) Suburb in Stockholm. We are from the outdoor/active clothing industry working with design and production, where the focus around sustainability questions have been around for many years. 

(People are) working from home, use digital meeting tools. Many people chose electric car, local stores, local producers, local restaurants, plant based food. Exploring nature during vacation instead of traveling, as hiking, camping etc. 

Our team have chosen to move our office closer to our homes instead of traveling 30-40 min every morning and evening. This is not only good for the environment but also gives us more time to spend on what we love..

Can you share any tricks or tips that you do to lighten your carbon footprint or improve your sustainability in work or in your personal life? 

Choose an electric or hybrid car. Always think twice before buying anything. Use digital meetings as a working tool, it works perfectly!

Where do you find inspiration for your collaborations and work?

Extraordinary qualities and craftsmanship is always inspiring. And powerful women!