Rise of the refillables: 6 Brands taking charge in the bathroom

It’s a pretty grim figure, 120 billion units of personal care packaging is made each year, most of which is mixed material and destined for landfill.  We know first hand there are many complexities to this issue, but the opportunities and gains are HUGE.  Ellen McCarthur reports that if ‘refill’ was the norm, emission savings would be 80-85% in this category, not to mention all that plastic being saved….

So for this week's 6 pack we want to shine the light on those doing their bit for bringing #refill and #reuse to the forefront in personal care. Helping break down the barriers to make this SO appealing and desirable, why wouldn’t you?

Bravo to Dame who are changing periods for good. Both in the product itself and the conversation around periods, it sure is time for it to be brought into the 21st century.

They have a range of products on offer including their award winning, reusable applicator. Made in the UK and infused with naturally occurring Sanipolymers™ to keep it antimicrobial at all times. It works with every size tampon and lasts for life. Their tampons are made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton (no hidden plastic inside like many other culprits).

So far Dame have saved 3 million plastic applicators and here they are in Vogue and on the bus, breaking new ground with getting the message out, none of this blue liquid nonsense in sight! 

Get Fussy whose tagline is ‘please your pits and the planet’. The new kid on the block when it comes to refillable deodorant, you can pre-order now and enjoy 20% off as part of their pre launch offer. 5 gorgeous colours to pick from and 5 different scents too. Their refills are full of natural ingredients, including an odour-eating probiotic and they are compostable once done. We are excited about trying this one, sign us up!

Long gone (we hope) are the days of the disposable razor, Estrid is here to deliver you a smooth shaving experience straight to your door. They use natural ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter and cocoa butter (yup a vegan razor) in comparison to other razor brands using animal substances in the soothing strips.

Sign up and you get your steel handle (with colours such as lemonade and space to choose from), wall holder and some cartridges to get you started.

Ordo is in the business of dental hygiene (apparently it’s an area we could all get a little better at.) They want to solve this habitual headache by offering lots of convenience in an area of everyday necessity.

It was their mouthwash concentrate that particularly grabbed us. It dilutes to make four bottles worth of mouthwash, saving time, money and a lot of plastic. Formulated by dentists for long lasting fresh breath, it’s vegan friendly and cruelty free. Refill into a bottle you already have or they offer a forever bottle as part of their collection.

And us, KANKAN, delivering a plastic free, refill solution for those who want to continue enjoying a luxury, liquid wash. One of the glories of the can is that it is infinitely recyclable. Our washes are filled with essential oils and nourishing botanics. They are vegan friendly, without sulphates, parabens, silicones and they are cruelty free.  For every can sold one tree is planted and we offer incentives for bulk purchasing (up to 15% off)

Hairstory This for us is a great example of buy less buy better. £44 a pop may feel like quite an investment for your hair regime but this NY salon, Hairstory wants to eliminate the need to buy shampoo and conditioner separately with a one serves-all product instead. Their New Wash is free from sulphates, parabens, silicones and synthetic fragrance and we've been told, doesn’t strip the scalp’s protective barrier. As a result you can go longer between washes because your scalp doesn’t overproduce the natural oils that traditional shampooing can strip. We are yet to try this one but definitely intend to. Hairstory shares that people go through an average of 16 bottles a year of shampoo and conditioner. In comparison, their ‘refill club’ members use an average of 3 pouches of New Wash, and when you stop using shampoo and conditioner and you switch to refill pouches you use 91% less plastic and 82% less C02. Another one for the list!

So there it is folks are your ready to join the #refillrevolution?