2022 Press round up of our Near Perfect Campaign

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We all know beauty has a sustainability problem. Over the last five years we’ve seen many brands overhaul their packaging and practices in order to pump up their green credentials. Refillable packaging has taken off and upcycling ingredients is becoming the norm. However, when it comes to chatting about waste, one topic still gets sidelined: the number of products being chucked due to damage, faults and returns. It’s an issue much further reaching than just beauty. It’s estimated that 20% of all manufacturing spend is wasted. When it comes to fashion and food, it’s something we’re aware of. It’s well-publicised that 35% of materials in the global fashion supply chain end up as wasteand big brands have landed themselves on the front pages for burning unwanted stock. Similarly, the trend for companies selling wonky carrots and odd-shaped apples has helped tackle the huge amount of supermarket food waste (115,000 tonnes a year in the UK alone). However, within beauty it’s a topic that is still relatively under-the-radar. 'While the beauty industry isn't burning out of season clothes, there is still considerable waste being generated throughout the product life-cycle,' Imelda Burke, founder of Content Beauty & Wellbeing, explained. Products end up being discarded at every stage of the production process. Selling off this damaged or surplus stock isn’t a new concept as such. Beauty brands have always put some products on sale and discount retailers like TK Maxx have long sold beauty products at lower rates. However, a new wave of sustainable beauty brands are tackling this issue of waste closer to home and being transparent in the process.

Take refillable beauty brand KANKAN, who host their Near Perfect Sales twice a year. Currently, they are selling Near Perfect Starter Sets which include hand and body wash with slight imperfections on the packaging for a discounted price. 'Misprints and errors are all part of the process, but we asked how we can find homes for these perfectly good bottles and shine a positive light on this to raise broader awareness,' Co-Founder Eliza Flangan told us. 'If we can reduce waste in the manufacturing process, we’ll reduce wasted effort, resources, energy and landfill all in one shot,' she added.



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