Share more, Waste Less. The boom of the Sharing economy

The likes of Uber, Airbnb and the movie ‘The Holiday’ have made a big impact on the sharing economy. It’s one that's long been around, going back to the barter system before the introduction of money and to sharing with our neighbours or mates. What’s new though, is this concept of sharing with a much larger pool of people, complete strangers in fact. ‘This is the new sharing economy, which has been booming thanks to platforms that enable the trust and the transaction to share on a large scale’*. It is also an area that is set to grow. It is estimated the UK sharing economy could reach £140 billion by 2025, up from an estimated £7 billion in 2015. *PwC projects.

We are so excited for the change that is afoot in this space. For today’s 6 pack here is our pick of brands taking things up a notch when it comes to the business of sharing. And as the age old saying goes #sharing really is #caring


NUW is a social network to share clothes with people in your local community and extend the life cycle of our wardrobes. Download the app, upload your pieces and receive ‘borrowing’ tokens in return. Items all go through an approval process but cleaning and swapping is down to the lender and borrower for them to communicate via the app. Each time an item is borrowed or swapped on Nuw, they offset at least 25% of the resources that would have been used in the production of a new item.

“ It’s a really positive movement towards not feeling the need to own things anymore, but getting to enjoy them. We want to collect the story of where these pieces go, if they go on adventures.” – Aisling Bryne, CEO of Nuw


Over 8 million people own a dog in the UK and Ireland. Borrow my doggy connects dog owners with trusted local people who would love to look after their dog. They make it easy to arrange walks, playtime, overnight stays or holidays. Their aim is to help dog owners when they need it, provide new and healthy experiences for their dogs and to allow people without a dog to spend quality time with one. This is an example of a really active sharing community, with over 500,000 members throughout the UK and Ireland they made loads of great doggy hook ups.


As parents ourselves we think this one is just genius. Whirli is a toy sharing subscription box. Choose from a variety of monthly plans that entitle you to a token value to redeem as you wish. A great website with toys arranged in different categories to help you choose well. Toys can be kept for as long as you want, individual items can be returned at different times and you even have the option to purchase if your little one just can’t part with it. A lovely selection (the kind you wished you owned - but in our case don’t!) Can't wait to give this one a whirl for ourselves.


A good example of sharing an under-utilised asset is car sharing, apparently cars tend to only be used 5% of the time. Karshare The UK’s first car sharing platform aimed solely at serving communities within their neighbourhoods and at airport locations, they enable those with cars to share theirs, and those without to quickly and easily rent one from someone nearby.  To make the process easy for both owners and renters, every car is fitted with a secure keyless technology and bookings can be done instantly on the app. Karshares ambition is to create a more sustainable, shared future, where having a car is seen as a choice not a necessity. 


Fight food waste and help out your neighbours with Olio. It’s a mobile app for food-sharing. It connects those with surplus food to those who need or wish to consume such food. The food must be edible; it can be raw or cooked, sealed or open. Upload your pic on the app and set the pick up location (home, a safe space, or a public location)


4element offers vintage designer jewellery rental. Choose between 4 or 8 day rental, from Chanel on the alphabet through to Yes Saint Laurent.  ‘Because we believe great fashion belongs to all of us. We are your jewellery box in the cloud’


With Monty Space you can access furniture and decide later when you want to keep, return, or swap it out. Some nice features include: share your property’s floor plan and get free customised interior designs, they can source, deliver and assemble for you in 3 business days, enjoy for as long as you want and you have the option to go on to purchase it at a later date too. They offer a B2B service too.


*Article why the sharing economy is good for the environment