KANKAN + GWAW collaboration

Launching on Australia Day - is a campaign to raise money for Australia's largest wildlife rescue fund,  Wires

Wires estimates that over 1 billion animals have been affected by the devastating bushfires in Australia since September. With nearly 5 million hectares of land burned, these concurrent events have left many species vulnerable and it won't be for many more months before we understand the true impact.

Australia Day marks the three month anniversary of the beginning of the fires that have dominated the minds and attention of all Australians and the world at large. Whatever you may have read or heard, this is not normal for Australia.

All of us need to ask how we want the future to unfold? It may be far away, but this climate crisis knows no borders. The smoke of Australian fires was tasted by us all. Whilst this remains fresh, we are in a pivotal moment - it's time to demand a new direction. We all can contribute. It is time.

As Antipodeans, we felt a duty to contribute something to the global campaign of hope that we have seen happen over these last few months. We have joined forces with another UK-based Australian, illustrator Josie Ford to create a collection that contributes something to counteract the devastation of this event.  

It is why we have chosen Wires to be the first campaign for our Kickback Cans Initiative.

KANKAN’s broad mission is to trigger positive action in the world.

Our Kickback Cans initiative was born to broaden that mission. What if we could also use our cans to promote positive initiatives? By using the skills of amazing illustrators and artists we hope to bring these ideas to life while we raise money for causes close to our hearts.

Josie says " “What is happening right now shows us irrefutably how fragile Australia is, but my intention was to show hope. Expressing hope in the face of horrific devastation driven by global warming is challenging, but I think it can be felt through the actions of the many amazing people out there trying to save the animals whose existence is eternally threatened. They are true heroes."

All proceeds raised for this campaign will go directly to Wires where they continue to support wildlife and their homes. 

To support this project, you can purchase any of our limited edition starter packs by visiting our shop. 

Thank you in advance for your support!