Why do we have a Near Perfect Sale?

Why do we have a Near Perfect Sale? - KANKAN

The topic of ‘waste’ in the beauty industry is one which is all too often swept under the green carpet. We have seen a wave of sustainable brands making zero-plastic, carbon positive, and earth friendly strides towards a more eco conscious cosmetics market. However, an issue persists in the mishandling of damaged, dented, and seemingly ‘imperfect’ stock. Mishaps in manufacturing are inevitable, so what do we do with all the products that get pushed aside for falling short of ‘perfect’? 

This month marks the launch of our fourth Near Perfect Sale. As part of our commitments to circularity in packaging and manufacturing, we hold an annual sale that we’ve called Near Perfect. As a zero-waste company, we repurpose all our ‘perfectly imperfect’ cans and bottles and offer them at a reduced cost once a year. Shop NOW>>

Misprints, peeling labels, and errors are all part of the manufacturing process, but it's what we chose to do with these misfit products that makes an impact. Our Near Perfect sale raises awareness for the unnecessary waste that takes place in the beauty industry and beyond. Manufacturing globally is estimated to be worth $40 trillion (over 50% of the world's GDP). It’s estimated that 20% of that is deemed waste in the form of economical, and physical waste. Some is inevitable, but a lot can be reduced. Oversupply, transportation of goods, inventory and management, and defective goods are just some of our areas of concern. 

If we can reduce waste in the manufacturing process, we’ll reduce wasted effort, resources, and energy. Finding the beauty in imperfection is key to the future of circularity.  At KANKAN, we are conscious of our impact and consistently review our supply chain. We do this by:

✔️ Working with local suppliers - reducing wasteful transportation & time

✔️ Do small runs of small collections. This helps manage oversupply and waste.

✔️ Most relevant to this conversation, we aim to demonstrate the value of our factory seconds and find homes for our 'near perfect' items.


Our Near Perfect sale is in its final days, we have less than 100 bottles to go so we are offering a special 30% off for the final few, be in quick!

Shop NOW>>

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