Luxury soaps

in cans

Personal care

that cares for the planet

How it works

1 - Choose your Starter Set: a wash of your choice and a glass Forever Bottle

2 - Pour your can into your Forever Bottle

3 - Refill and reuse as you need.

“This, by the way, is not a gimmick, the lemongrass & juniper body wash is a divine morning pick-me-up”

Sarah Jossel, The Times, UK

“This sustainable body wash will transport you to plastic-free heaven”

Because Magazine

"Smart Investment"

Clara Baldock, The Financial Times


Sonia Haria, Stella magazine, The Telegraph

Love It


Gorgeous bottle, soap and packaging! Thanks for making it easier to go plastic free!

Economical and eco friendly

Evelyn Cleaver

I love this body wash. I pop one squirt onto a sponge and it lathers up beautifully which means that it will last for ages. It is made with all natural products and I love the fact that I'm doing my bit for Mother Earth.

A complete no brainer

Kate Sessions

This is honestly the most gorgeous offering. Ethical, sustainable, delicious-smelling and stylish. Our bathroom and kitchen has never smelt (or looked) so good in the hand-washing department!

Every day, 8 million pieces of plastic find their way into our oceans.

Now a solution is here to stop the tap with your daily wash.

Waste not, want not. The solution is good, green & circular.

Clean you, clean planet

All natural ingredients, 100% essential oils. Luxurious soaps that are gentle on you, waterways and the planet.

Waste is a design flaw

There are ready-made solutions that we can use today. Resources are finite, but our cans can be recycled forever ♻︎

Every shower is an act of good

Luxuriate in the knowing that you are planting a forest as you wash. We plant a tree with every can sold.