This Veganuary, let's embrace plants, not plastic.


"Perhaps the coolest refill brand we've ever seen"

Glamour Magazine

"KANKAN is a totally game-changing brand”

Shannon Lawlor, WHO WHAT WEAR

“This sustainable body wash will transport you to plastic-free heaven”

Because Magazine

“This, by the way, is not a gimmick, the lemongrass & juniper body wash is a divine morning pick-me-up”

Sarah Jossel, The Times, UK

"I was delighted to discover KANKAN which sells its range of botanical hand, baby and body washes in fizzy drink-style cans."

Sali Hughes, The Guardian

Botanical rich, all natural washes. Choose, wash, refill, repeat.

Body Wash

Lemongrass & Juniper for an invigorating start to your day.

Hand Wash

Mandarin & Clary Sage provides a naturally antiseptic and soothing clean.

Baby Wash

Chamomile & Lavender is both soothing and relaxing suitable for body and hair.

Gentle by nature

▶︎ Not tested on animals

▶︎ Vegan friendly

▶︎ Parabens & Sulphate free

Planet friendly

▶︎ Palm oil free

▶︎ 100% Essential Oils

▶︎ All natural ingredients

Infinitely in use

▶︎ Closed loop system

▶︎ Curb side collection

▶︎ We ship it plastic-free


▶︎ Each can plants a tree

▶︎ Grow your forest

▶︎ Carbon positive

How does it work?

1. Pick one of our Starter Sets 1 or 2 - they include our 'Forever Bottle' and your first refill can(s).

2. Crack the can, and pour into your bottle. Use your curb-side recycling bin to recycle your infinitely recyclable can.

3. Our refills last on average one month . You can re-up your cans buy ordering here - starting from £12.50 per can.

Love It


Gorgeous bottle, soap and packaging! Thanks for making it easier to go plastic free!

Economical and eco friendly

Evelyn Cleaver

I love this body wash. I pop one squirt onto a sponge and it lathers up beautifully which means that it will last for ages. It is made with all natural products and I love the fact that I'm doing my bit for Mother Earth.

A complete no brainer

Kate Sessions

This is honestly the most gorgeous offering. Ethical, sustainable, delicious-smelling and stylish. Our bathroom and kitchen has never smelt (or looked) so good in the hand-washing department!