Luxurious soap

in cans.

Low waste, big pleasure.

The refill revolution is here.

We believe the solution is good, green & circular

Design out waste & pollution

All natural, non-toxic ingredients. Products are greywater safe.

Keep products & materials in use

Reuse the bottle and pump.
Aluminium is infinitely recyclable.

Regenerate natural systems

Give back more than you take. We plant a tree with every can sold.

“This, by the way, is not a gimmick, the lemongrass & juniper body wash is a divine morning pick-me-up”

Sarah Jossel, The Times, UK

“This sustainable body wash will transport you to plastic-free heaven”

Because Magazine

"Smart Investment"

Clara Baldock, The Financial Times


Sonia Haria, Stella magazine, The Telegraph

Welcome to the refill revolution.

Introducing a collection of liquid soaps for daily use, packed full with nourishing botanicals and essential oils for a gently but heavenly scented wash.

Best thing? Good bye single-use plastics. Hello convenience in a can.

Love It


Gorgeous bottle, soap and packaging! Thanks for making it easier to go plastic free!

Economical and eco friendly

Evelyn Cleaver

I love this body wash. I pop one squirt onto a sponge and it lathers up beautifully which means that it will last for ages. It is made with all natural products and I love the fact that I'm doing my bit for Mother Earth.

A complete no brainer

Kate Sessions

This is honestly the most gorgeous offering. Ethical, sustainable, delicious-smelling and stylish. Our bathroom and kitchen has never smelt (or looked) so good in the hand-washing department!

Starter Set

Carole Martin

I bought this lovely starter set after my daughter recommended it. The smell of the soap is amazing as is the feel … and even better I won’t have to throw the bottle way when its finished I can just buy a refill … win win I say

Love it all!

Claire White

Love the glass dispensing bottle and love love love the shower gel. Amazing scent and a little goes a really long way. Great packaging and will definitely be ordering my Kan Kan refills

Wonderful in every way!

Lisa Abell

The packaging and design is so clever, a can of hand wash, lovely glass bottles and a hand written message all arrived speedily and well packaged. All environmentally friendly too, which is why I ordered originally.

Long lasting clean beauty

“A little goes a long way”, with juicy botanical boosts from essential oils.

Plastic free from start to finish

Packaged perfectly for gifts
We send it #plasticfree

Doing good is really attractive

Aesthetics are important. We're designed to look good in all bathrooms.