Counting our blessings with the harvest moon this Autumn Equinox

Counting our blessings with the harvest moon this Autumn Equinox

Tomorrow, when the sun enters the sign of Libra, we'll have the Autumn equinox. Days become shorter, the light is more gentle, and with it, changes it's intensity and tone. It's the time of collecting ones thoughts (and taking stock) of the past chapter of abundance before the onset of winter.

The Harvest Full Moon

If we've been playing things right, we've been collecting the fruits of a bountiful summer - both figuratively and metaphorically to support us over the more leaner months coming up. We have rested over summer, and we've begun to see the fruits emerge from the work we have been attending since Spring. Now before the really cool weather, we review/ take stock of the harvest, the fruits of ones labour and to check that we have the resources to take us through until Spring.

Whilst we now don't till the fields these days, we can use this methodology to apply this to our lives in a different way.

We can ask ourselves - Have I had enough rest and recuperation this summer? Summer is often the chapter of play, when we're feeling our most positive, with the sun-rays shining and the feeling of energy and mentally upbeat. We're in nature more, connecting with people, being more social and building our relationships. If you have children, you have the holidays from routine, and things are a little more loose.

Are my metaphorical shelves full of resources? Many of our emotional wellbeing tends to be linked with good weather and sunshine, and hopefully we end this chapter of long days with our batteries recharged. Maybe you have a sense of peace going back into routines and having more structure. The Harvest Full Moon, coming up on the 29th of September, is the one of work, longer days to bring in the bounty from the fields. Whilst our work has changed, this season is all about productivity after a long period of rest, and so that might fall into this feeling of 'busyness' and a need to get productive before the end of the year. Lets hope we have the resources to see us through.

What are some of the feelings that we can collect from this chapter of summer that we can hold on to for the next few months? These amazing benefits that we've collected over the summer can feed us long into the next few months, and if we can hold on and preserve these feelings then all for the better.

Good habits that we cultivate now will help us hold on to the benefits we have found in the summer - and reminding ourselves of the benefits of play and pleasure outside of the boundaries of summer will be helpful for us going forward. Take stock of the moments that you felt great and see how we can nurture these feelings back to life over the next chapter even if the environment and seasons have changed.

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