what goes around, comes around

Why The Can?

With the world consuming over 120 billion personal care products per year - we need to consider the packaging we use. What is it's end of life? Where does it go?

Being made of liquids, the majority of personal care products are packaged in plastic. Most of it is mixed material, meaning it's almost impossible to recycle.

There lies the problem, but what is the solution?

Waste streams are important.

We have been told for too long, that recycling is the answer. And it is, for some things. But for many, it's not.

Bio plastics, plastics, and even things like Tetra-packs are all sold as recycled packaging but it really depends on waste streams. To find out more about waste streams read our blog post here >>

Keep materials in use.

One of the 3 pillars of the circular economy is 'keep materials in use'. This can be by reuse (hello Forever Bottle) or it can be through recycling (hello can).

Metal is a circular resource. Once it is in use, it can be used over and over again without losing any of it's materiality. Which means that a can in your hand can be recycled and be back on the shelves within 6 weeks. 

Value along the supply chain

Sadly, financials drive decisions. Did you know it still remains cheaper to use virgin plastics over recycled? Did you also know that metals are the only cost postive collection in your recycling bin? Metals help fund the collection of all the other items. Until the economics change we need policy to change behaviour.