Ensuring we use naturally derived ingredients is not only important for people, but it's important for planet. Our products are biodegradable, grey water safe and gentle on even the most sensitive skins.

Plant Based.

We believe in the power of plants. We don't test on animals, and all our current products are vegan-friendly.

Waste Not.

We are currently developing a range of products that finds value in waste materials otherwise thrown away. Stay tuned.

The Aluminium Can.

The 'take, make, waste' linear model of manufacture assumes we have infinite resources. We don't. So we use a circular resource - aluminium, that can be used over and over again - forever, in fact.

The Bottle & Pump.

Whilst most bottles and pumps are expected to be used only the once, they have much more life in them. They too can be used over and over again, reducing our need for making (and wasting) more.

E-commerce Packaging.

We use Flexi-hex - a Cornish company that is equally passionate about plastic waste as we are. Your products won't come in superfluous packaging.

One tree planted.

We are committed to being part of the regeneration of the planet, and believe that growth can be measured not only in revenue but in impact.

Plastic-free AND convenient.

Single-use plastics made convenience king. We believe that solutions exists now that can remove plastics from circulation that are also convenient for modern life.

1 million plastic bottles.

Let's make refill & reuse mainstream by making it suitable for modern life. Our mission is to remove 1 million bottles from circulation and plant the same in trees. Are you with us?