Body Cleanser

Nature is our go-to when we want to feel good. We’re at our best when surrounded by green, brown or blue.

And feeling good means feeling good in our skin. Using all-natural ingredients and powerful active essential oils that are key to health, we’re committed to making products that give our skin that same good feeling.

All our cleansers are gentle for all skins - even for the youngest of skins ( from + 6 months ).

New Leaf: An uplifting daily body wash, formulated to put a spring in your step. Infused with a blend of natural relaxants and mood boosters including zesty bergamot, refreshing coriander and soothing linden for skin that feels brighter, gentle, soothed and refreshed.

Harvest: A grounding daily body wash inspired by mother nature’s abundance. Blending calming camomile with soothing rose geranium and fortifying cedarwood, for skin that feels gently revitalised, toned and conditioned. A great way to ease into a day.

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Body Cleanser: New LeafBody Cleanser: New Leaf
Body Cleanser: New Leaf

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Body Cleanser: HarvestBody Cleanser: Harvest
Body Cleanser: Harvest

From £16.00 when you subscribe