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Lush natural ingredients

Our promise is that we don't compromise on the products we make. We use powerful all-natural ingredients, modern signature scents that are never synthetic - and nourishing product formulas that are gentle to your skin and makes you love the skin you're in.

Infinitely recyclable

Our refills come in a metal can instead of a plastic bottle. Metal is infinitely recyclable and it's easy to do! Simply use your curb-side recycling and it'll be back in circulation within weeks.(did you know that 90% of cans are recycled vs 9% of plastics?)

Regenerative inside and out

The circular economy is our North Star. From using circular ingredients, to our innovative packaging, and our commitment to planting trees with every can sold - with Kankan you can feel the benefits immediately with the care we take

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For every day, there's a Kankan solution

Our range includes Body Cleansers, Hand wash, and Body and Hand creams.

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Scents inspired by nature, made by nature

Our scents are inspired by nature and the natural lifecycle of plants. Using only 100% plant oils to fragrance our products, they're nature's powerhouses - full of additional support for energy, mental alertness, and general feelings of well-being. We are committed to using no synthetic additions that can disrupt our delicate endocrine system and skin biome.

Scents that tell a story is our intention - modern interpretations made from ancient traditions for the modern human. From Grounded, sweet spice and earthy, to New Leaf - delicate, fresh and green; to Bloom, which is floral fresh and blossomy without the blouse. And Harvest, which evokes hot citrus groves, Mediterranean salt and pines.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we've enjoyed creating them.

New Leaf Starter Kits

Think soft new leaves, and the refreshing feeling of dew underfoot at dawn break.

Bloom Starter Kits

Think soft green meadows, fuzzy pollen bottoms on bees and the sweet smell of nectar in the air

Harvest Starter Kits

Think laden branches, juicy citrus and hot harvests, and summer showers in pine forests.

Grounded Starter Kits

Think a walk in the woods, Valencian orange groves and a eucalyptus infused sauna


Flora D

It's F***ing Genius

Honestly I love love your product. The consistency and scent is amazing. I've been looking for body wash for years that doesn't require a refill that you pour into a bottle, as it doesn't make sense to me! It f***ing genius what you've created. It's fits in with current recycling behaviours and streams, takes up less space in a warehouse too.

Siobhan D

Feels like sustainable luxury

Luxurious product. Good for the environment, beautiful gift but even better for my own well-being, pump and can works so well. Love it.

Duncan S

Fantastic experience

I've been using Kankan's sustainable soap for over a year now, and I have to say, I am still impressed. The soap is of excellent quality, and it's reassuring to know that the company is committed to sustainability. I appreciate their use of biodegradable and recyclable materials in their packaging and their support of renewable energy projects. Plus, their customer service continues to be exceptional - they've always been quick to respond and have sent me a replacement pump free of charge when I needed one. I highly recommend Kankan for anyone looking for a sustainable and reliable soap option.

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By subscribing to Kankan, you'll receive two refill cans delivered regularly to your door, saving you time, hassle and money every time.

Our bespoke pumps are included free in your first order when you subscribe.

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