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Feeling good means feeling good in our skin. Using all-natural ingredients and powerful active essential oils that are key to supporting our wellbeing, we’re committed to making products that give that good feeling inside and out.

Our scent 'Grounded' is inspired by the early forming of plants, rooted in the warmth of the earth, rich with sweet potential. Essential oils of Vetiver, Ginger, Cedarwood, Coriander and Clove. It's designed to ground you when you are feeling flighty - calming moods, centring energy and spirit.

Our Starter Kits have everything you need to get started on your refill journey, including your reusable pump and your first refill can.

Simply peel, clip and twist. Pump it out and soak it up.

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Grounded Hand Wash Starter KitGrounded Hand Wash Starter Kit

Infused with a blend of woody, spice essential oils - feel grounded, feel refreshed. Includes a pump dispenser to get you started

Grounded Wash & Cream Gift KitGrounded Wash & Cream Gift Kit
Sale price£54.00 GBP
Hand & Body Cleanser Duo Gift KitHand & Body Cleanser Duo Gift Kit
Sale price£49.00 GBP
Grounded Hand Cream Starter KitGrounded Hand Cream Starter Kit

A warming and aromatic hand cream for every day. Rich in vitamin E, B-complex vitamins, & fatty acids - supporting skin repair & damage control. Includes a pump dispenser to get you started.

Hand Wash Duo Gift KitHand Wash Duo Gift Kit
Sale price£49.00 GBP