Our Ultimate Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 2022. Well considered gifts for those you love.

1. Reuse, Resell, Recycle
Preloved Clothing:
More and more there are options for real quality shopping - both on how you receive an item and how it's vetted to make your second hand shopping experience as good as new. We love the Vestiare vetted stamp for those investment pieces, and we love the thrill of the chase with Depop. Manifesto Women and the other independents really care for the thorough quality checks too so you know you are getting something gorgeous to gift. The Guardian just yesterday listed the top 7 tips for gifting something reused, namely be transparent - nothing to hide here! And there is something to be said on presentation. Have a read here for more tips.
Second Hand Technology:
As for those that are wanting to gift some tech then look no further than Backmarket. Technology waste statistics are really shocking - contributing to 70% of toxic waste in the world. Backmarket is solving this issue all with high quality products and a 12 months guarantee.
2. Playing it Forward
Paying if forward for every gift you buy is another that feels much more common place these days We found some great contributions over Black Friday and Green Weekend, and there are some others that have this mechanism built in.
I'm forever coveting a good Japanese knife and this Tog knife will do perfectly. Tog knives are a great investment any time of year - but during Green Friday they gave £20 too @fareshareuk with every 100 they took over the weekend.
Other good ones listed is L'Occitane solidarity candle that provides vitamin A to support blindness,  
Another one is looking for brands that are giving back. A Hackney sustainable store 69b Boutique is not doing any sales but donating a percentage of sales to Womens Inclusive Team which campaigns for women especially those from black, and ethnic minority backgrounds. At KANKAN, we are planting a tree with every can sold - one thing that we do with every can sold and something that hasn't changed since we started. 
3. Vintage Interiors
My favourite online wunderkammer is Vinterior and they're doing a sale on over 6000 items this weekend. These candelabras are the right side of frilly and are being massively coveted right now (by me!). Another although not on sale this weekend but that's never stopped me is The Peanut Vendor.
4. Independent LOVER
One thing that happens this Friday is a flurry of music new releases and it's a perfect opportunity to grab something that might be missing in your collection. I'm keen to improve my classics on vinyl and this is just the ticket. My nearest Rough Trade Records also has a sale this weekend of record players and since ours never recovered from it's adventure overseas, it might be just the perfect moment to invest in this too.
5. @backmarket_uk
6. Investment Purchases
On the opposite side of fast fashion lies the investment purchases and I look for items that will last a lifetime, and will become staples in my wardrobe. These trousers, by the masters of a modular wardrobe Studio Nicholson are on sale this weekend still aren't cheap, but woolly and warm will be worn to death over the next few months - the price per wear equalling pennies. @wateyarnproject is another that is the antithesis of fast fashion and they're not on sale. They're also not cheap, but they're absolutely gorgeous and they're celebrating circularity and for that they should be known and loved.
Last but not least is something for the brain. 
Meditation doesn't need to cost anything, but there are some very helpful apps that nudge us all in the right direction, and headspace is the 60% off this weekend. I've also seen some good deals going on books and courses too, so if you are into a certain thing, or wanted to skill up now might just be the time. Ommm..

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