Try our New Signature Scents

These new four scents have been developed to tell the story of the four different chapters of a plants lifetime whilst also providing sensory support for your well-being. Each wash whilst unique are all part of the same scent journey, so work really well in any combination.

In essence, our washes are happiest in pairs.

For a limited time when you purchase a pair of refills, we'll gift you two complimentary pumps.

Gifted pumps, 13% saving off our RRP and two new gorgeous products to try, you'll be happier too.

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Hand Wash: GroundedHand Wash: Grounded
Hand Wash: Grounded

From £20.00 GBP

Hand Wash: BloomHand Wash: Bloom
Hand Wash: Bloom

From £20.00 GBP

Body Cleanser: HarvestBody Cleanser: Harvest
Body Cleanser: Harvest

From £20.00 GBP

Body Cleanser: New LeafBody Cleanser: New Leaf
Body Cleanser: New Leaf

From £20.00 GBP