Try our New Signature Scents

These new four scents have been developed to tell the story of the four different chapters of a plants lifetime whilst also providing sensory support for your well-being. Each wash whilst unique are all part of the same scent journey, so work really well in any combination.

In essence, our washes are happiest in pairs.

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Hand Wash: Grounded Refill CanHand Wash: Grounded Refill Can

A warming spicy scent: think a walk in the woods, Valencian orange groves and a eucalyptus infused sauna

Hand Wash: Bloom Refill CanHand Wash: Bloom Refill Can

A fresh modern floral scent: think soft green meadows, fuzzy pollen bottoms on bees and the sweet smell of nectar in the evening air

Body Cleanser: New Leaf Refill CanBody Cleanser: New Leaf Refill Can

A herbaceous, citrus scent. Think soft new leaves, and the refreshing feeling of dew underfoot at dawn break.

Body Cleanser: Harvest Refill CanBody Cleanser: Harvest Refill Can

A fresh woody scent: Think laden branches, juicy citrus and summer showers in pine forests.

Hand Cream: Grounded Refill CanHand Cream: Grounded Refill Can

A warming and aromatic hand cream for every day. Feel the benefits of skin soothing shea butter, sweet almond & Jojoba oil. Rich in vitamins & fatty acids - supporting skin repair & damage control.

Body Cream: New Leaf Refill CanBody Cream: New Leaf Refill Can

An invigorating & nourishing daily body cream, your skin will feel deeply hydrated, glowing and soft. Feel the benefits of powerful ingredients such as Irish moss, shea butter, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil.