Let's meet Onloan

Two female founders with a passion for circularity

Tamsin and Natalie of Onloan chat with Eliza & Mary of KANKAN


How do essential oils work?

We know they smell amazing, but how do essential oils work to benefit our well being?


Our Near Perfect Sale is NOW ON

We dare you - can you spot the difference?

Meet the woman who is helping us redefine 'waste'

Can Waste Save The World?

Katie Treggiden, podcast host, journalist and campaigner for craft and the circular economy shares her vision for the future.

A Day In The Life Of..

Joe Arddun and his love of the niche

Joe's business is in the discovery of niche brands doing good. But how does he spend his day?

6 Pack

Our tips for camping well

For any of you contemplating some time out in the camping wilderness we share our seasoned tips....it was after all around a campfire that the idea for KANKAN first began...

Recently at KANKAN..


Meet LF Markey founder Louise

Meet Louise, founder of Meadows and LF Markey and how she has found her place in London.


Meet Supermundane

He has been making art since the early 90's in London, exploring line and colour. He is passionate about music and cold swimming. Meet Rob, aka Supermundane

Circular By Design

Meet Re:Down

We spoke to Eric Firmann, one of the founders of Re:down who has, in 7 years, totally transformed the conversation around the use of down and feathers from an animal welfare concern to a circularity conversation

Circular By Design

Meet Reborn In Color

Meet Swedish Bedlinen duo who are reimagining a repurposed, reused and recoloured bedroom that is full of heart & soul.

Meet Flexi-Hex Founders

With their love for the ocean, twins and co-founders of Flexi-Hex found an innovative way to transport goods that is plastic-free

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Our 6 favourite ways to kick off spring

The 1st March marks the beginning of meteorological and climatological Spring. Given how much we are all willing the season of new beginnings to begin we will be joining the scientists by acknowledging that Spring is officially HERE.

6 Plastic Ambassadors Making Impact Part 1

When the youth of the world start rising up and raising their voices to an issue, you know the adults have taken too long to act.

In Residence: Rachel Boyett of Little Veggie Eats

Hackney neighbour, cookbook author and our all-time favourite veggie inspo account on instagram

My Plastic-Free(ish) Bathroom

My plastic free journey has a pattern, whilst the overall trajectory is in the right direction, it happens in fits and starts. So I wholeheartedly welcome things like plastic free July for giving me the focus to get my plastic free game on again. I decided for me it would be about the bathroom. A room rife with so many single-use plastic options but also an increasing number of new options...

Sally Emslie, founder of Manifesto Woman

Hello & welcome to the tenth edition of What Goes Around, Comes Around. This is our love letter to people, ideas, and things contributing to the betterment of the world.Today we are chatting with the founder of Manifesto Woman, Sally Emslie.Quick Caveat — Manifesto Woman is my all-time fav online re-seller store. Without a doubt, it is always full of really wearable unique gems. She has access to...

Can O’ Dreams makes the shortlist of Fountains Of Hygiene Competition

KANKAN’s collaboration with batch.works is born from a dream that hygiene of the future doesn’t need to cost the earth. The volume of waste that has been generated by the COVID-19 crisis is not in the forefront of people’s minds, but for us here at KANKAN, a personal care brand devoted to fighting single-use plastics, it was one of the first things we considered. Whilst it’s critical to ensure that...

GQ lists KANKAN as one of the best vegan soap brands.

Whilst the mission behind brand KANKAN is about reimagining a future that is plastic-free — making refill & reuse mainstream and inspiring change; the ethical values behind the brand goes further. We are thrilled to be included in GQ’s round up of the best vegan soaps.The KANKAN packaging may be the first thing you notice, but inside the aluminium can is a 99% natural, plant-based liquid soap full...