Free Gift from BMW Inside Edge.

KANKAN offers all natural body care products that you can refill and recycle. Made from all natural ingredients, it is good for you and the planet. Enter your unique code at checkout to claim.

The Body Wash Starter Set

Your free gift is our customers favourite, the body wash starter set. It includes a refill bottle and your first can of body wash.

For each set claimed, we will plant 5 trees via our tree planting partner Tree Points.

And to top it off, we will include a £10 voucher for your next refill with us. The voucher will be printed and posted with the set.

Why KANKAN is better

Lush natural ingredients

All our products are vegan, without palmoil and cruelty-free. Our natural fragrances and oils fill your home with a pleasant scent and offer skin healing benefits.

Infinitely recyclable

Our washes come in a metal can instead of a plastic bottle. They can be recycled forever - and it's easy too! Just throw them in your curbside recycling bin.

Good for people and planet

From our ingredients to our packaging, we make sure to reduce our environmental impact. With KANKAN you can enjoy high quality body care guilt-free.

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