Can I get my order gift wrapped?

    We love the idea of our cans being gifted and we personally believe they already arrive in gift perfect condition. We can write a special note to include in the package if you would like. Once ordered, email your love letter here - we promise not to peek!
    (Make note of the order number in the email to ensure your note gets to the right person!) 

    What payments do you take?

    We accept all the usual ones - Visa, mastercard, amex, paypal and apple pay.

    How do I enter my discount or gift card code?

      When you are at check out you will see a place to enter any codes for discount or gift cards. Click 'apply'.

      Which carrier do you use?

        We use Royal Mail for our deliveries 

        How long does delivery take?
          You should receive your package within 3 working days.
          Can I get my shipment next day?

            Please get in contact with us straight away and we will see what we can do.

            Can I change my order after I have placed it?

              We will do our absolute best to help you, please get in touch as soon as you realise to avoid disappointment.

              Do you ship internationally?

                We currently ship to the UK only. We will be looking to ship further if the need demands. Email here to let us know where you would love to see KANKAN.

                How do I return my packaging?

                  We would love you to return your packaging. Inside your shipment is a return sticker. Simply stick it over your address and drop it into the post office. No cost to you.

                  What if there is a problem with my order?

                    If you have a problem please get in touch ASAP for us to make it right.

                    What if I want to return an item?

                      If you have simply changed your mind - please contact us here.

                      We will happily accept returns within 14 days of ordering if the cans or bottles remain unused.

                      USING OUR PRODUCTS

                      How do I pour?

                        Simply crack open your can (enjoy the familiar sound) have your bottle ready and pour away. Our products have a lovely consistency, we think they pour like a dream.

                        Do you sell funnels?

                          No. Given how well our product pours and that we are trying to reduce the volume of things in the world, we felt it was unnecessary. 

                          What do we do with the remaining soap in the can?

                            Use it! At KANKAN HQ we take our can in the shower and use the last dribbles for a good solid sudding. Otherwise, rinse and crush, and recycle! 

                            How many pumps per wash?

                              This is such a personal question - we all come in different shapes and sizes, but we on average use 2-3 pumps per sudding. These washes are pretty concentrated so see how you go!


                              PRODUCT & PACKAGING

                              Is your product vegan friendly?

                                We love plants! Our product is 100% animal product free.

                                Do you test on animals?

                                  We love animals and would never use anything on them before testing them on us.

                                  What does 98.7% natural mean?

                                    Exactly that. % wise our product is 98.7% natural. The other 1.3% of ingredients are derived from the lab and they help preserve the life of your product.

                                    What is the shelf life?

                                      Once opened they have a recommended shelf life of 9 months

                                      Are they safe to use on children?

                                        We have developed our WASH | BABY product for use on babies hair and body. Our other products are very gentle too and are great for sensitive skin. All our products are free from known irritants such as parabens, sulfates, artificial colours and fragrances.

                                        Are your cans BPA free?

                                          Yes we only use BPA free cans at Kankan

                                          What will my products arrive in?

                                            We have searched high and low to find the most eco, plastic free options out there for our products. We deliver our gift sets in Flexi Hex, a unique hexagonal structure. It protects the product, is lightweight  and it looks super awesome too. We also use cardboard postal tubes (with metal ends) and acid free tissue printed with soy based inks.

                                            SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT

                                            What does one can = one tree mean?
                                              We work with an international Not For Profit organisation called onetreeplanted.org to plant trees on behalf of us and our customers. When you buy a KANKAN can, we plant one tree on your behalf.


                                              Who is OneTreePlanted?

                                                OneTreePlanted is a global organisation who work with NGOs on the ground. These NGOs plant trees on behalf Onetreeplanted and their partners. We chose to partner with them because
                                                1. They work globally,
                                                2. They're all about impactful, trackable planting
                                                3. They provide amazing supportive information about their actions.
                                                4. They believe (& we do too) that trees have a multi-pronged benefit which they call the 6 pillars -
                                                You can find out more by going to their website:  


                                                Is KANKAN carbon neutral?

                                                  The short answer is "we hope so!" but the longer answer is that we don't know yet.

                                                  As we are a very new company, we've yet to quantify our impact because we haven't the data yet. What we can say is that we are very vested in making positive impact. We use this as the basis to all our decision making.

                                                  We made a promise right in the infancy of KANKAN that we would publish an annual report on our environmental impact. So, at the end of 2020 we will have the data and will hope to replace this long winded response with a straight - Yes, actually, we are a carbon positive business :)


                                                  What is your kickback cans initiative about?

                                                    As well as feeling strongly about reforestation and rewilding of the world, we also wanted our cans to be used for good within communities. We wanted people to feel the impact too.

                                                    We offer our cans for grassroot organisations to sell to fundraise their projects. Think of girl guide cookies and you'll get the idea.

                                                    If you have a worthy project that you feel KANKAN products would be a good fit with, please get in touch. We like to partner with illustrators to convey your message in a fun and engaging way on the can - making a limited edition range to sell online.

                                                    We will profile your project on our social networks, giving extra oomph to your projects exposure. We really do believe that what goes around, comes around.