Perfectly imperfect

Manufacturing globally is estimated to be worth $40 trillion (over 50% of the worlds GDP)

Of that, 20% globally is deemed waste in the form of economical, and physical waste. Some is inevitable, but a lot can be reduced.

Oversupply, transportation of goods, inventory and management, and defective goods are just some of the areas of concern.

As seen in Style Magazine

Our Near Perfect bottles are totally useable, have no functional flaws. They have small dents, printing blur or imperfection in the print.

As a top trend for 2022, hero-ing the wonky and imperfect is the future, and we're so happy to be mentioned as one of the champions of this movement.

But, don't just take our word for it...

I have been delighted with my ‘near perfect’ order - & honestly can’t spot any flaws! and the product just smells divine - it truly makes every wash feel luxurious. thank you so much, KanKan, you are breaking boundaries & totally smashing it! X

Charlotte Allum

This isn’t just ‘Near Perfect’ it’s Perfect— with a bottle of the gorgeous hand wash beside every sink and wash basin in my house. Would love some equally sustainable hand cream to go with it...


At KANKAN, we are conscious of our impact and review our supply chain. We do this by -

✔️ Working with local suppliers - reducing wasteful transportation & time

✔️ Do small runs of small collections. This helps manage oversupply and waste.

✔️ Demonstrate the value of our factory seconds and find homes for our 'near perfect' items.