Let us list the many ways we love this iconic object.

Not all recycling is created equal

Saying things are recyclable, doesn't make them so. Plastics really only have a recycling lifecycle of 2 x before they're doomed to landfill. Same goes for paper, the fibres becoming too short to bind.

A true circular resource has real value

Metals have the ability to be recycled infinitum without losing materiality. This makes them the most valuable item in your curb side recycling. So much so, that it helps fund other collections.

Utilising pre-existing waste streams

We have the means to recycle every can in the UK. This seems logical, right? But this isn't the case for many 'recyclable' packaging. Often waste streams are the missing link towards a circular system of use.

What more can we do with a can?

The can is a design icon. We are building on its brilliance and bringing it into a new category of use. And with that we get to play with all the fantastic systems and accessories that come with it. Vending anyone?