GQ lists KANKAN as one of the best vegan soap brands.

GQ lists KANKAN as one of the best vegan soap brands. - KANKAN

Whilst the mission behind brand KANKAN is about reimagining a future that is plastic-free — making refill & reuse mainstream and inspiring change; the ethical values behind the brand goes further.

We are thrilled to be included in GQ’s round up of the best vegan soaps. The KANKAN packaging may be the first thing you notice, but inside the aluminium can is a 99% natural, plant-based liquid soap full of botanicals that are intended to help the skin whilst maintaining a good and thorough clean.

The baby wash uses chamomile and lavender — making it gentle and soothing wash for new and sensitive skin

The KANKAN hand wash is a soap made with mandarin, clary sage, pachouli, lavender and vetivert essential oils. An example of the benefits of just one of these essential oils is mandarin. It has a high content of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, promoting the growth of new skin cells and tissues. From healing cuts to rejuvenating your skin texture, your epidermis gets a boost from all sides. Two thirds of mandarin essential oil composition is d-Limonene: a compound with potent anti-inflammatory effects.

Mandarin is a key ingredient for the hand wash, making it great for cell renewal, and is anti-inflammatory.

What the above shows, is within a vegan soap is the amazing power of plants and the benefits they offer. By following a cruelty-free lifestyle, you begin to notice the power in plants, and how abstaining from animal products also provides an opportunity to harness the myriad of other ingredients that are present in nature. You don’t need to expose yourself to chemicals and synthetics that are often found alongside these animal additives. We follow the simple rule that if you can’t digest it, why would you include it in your skincare routine?

Our skin is a protective barrier that keeps our internal muscles and organs protected, and is an organ in itself. It cleverly regulates the body by absorbing and excreting from its pores. Saying this, it also means it absorbs all substances it comes into contact with, so this is why it is always important to ensure the products we use are naturally derived and are toxin-free.

Our Starter set including Forever Bottle and refill can

It’s great to see that there are now many brands that are showcasing the power of plants in personal care products and we are thrilled to be included in the round up of GQ’s top vegan soap brands. Thank you for the inclusion and raising the profile of why vegan is the future for personal care products.

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