Mothers Day Gift Ideas for the Self Isolating

Mothers Day Gift Ideas for the Self Isolating - KANKAN

(And by far the weirdest title of a blog I’ve ever written)

We are living in truely unique times. Only last Friday we were living in virtual normalcy, and on the other side of the weekend, we’re in ‘topsy-turvy land’.

COVID-19 has totally turned everything on its head. The worrying thing for most of us is the risk for the elderly and the vulnerable. The UK government is currently saying that by this coming weekend, most older people will have to be in self-isolation for up to 12 weeks. For those who are home alone, this could be an especially scary time.

For those not at home alone, this is also scary. What are we all going to do in doors for the next 3 months?! Thankfully, the weather is looking better, but social distancing in busy cities is really hard so who knows what advice will be given over the next few.

Saying all that, this Mother’s Day then feels mightily different. Our plans to visit family this weekend are for most of us, cancelled. How can we send those we love a gift that is both appreciated and useful. Never fear! We have scoured the internet to find some ideas. As I’ve written this, I realise that all of these gifts would be great for any of us right now, mum or no mum. So here’s our top “Self Isolation Presents for Anyone” list.

  1. Canopy Plants — Houseplants delivered to your door for permanent greening. If we are going to be staying at home a lot, then lets make it gorgeous.
@canopyplants offer a plastic-free delivery of beautiful house plants to cheer up anyone locked inside for an indefinite period.

2. Petalon Flowers— For all people that like blooms. Same as above, but a bit more colour.

@petalonflowers delivers same day, plastic-free and even on bike if you are in London

3. Paper Theory Patterns — for bored, practical people that are cooped up and need to get busy with their hands.

@paper_theory patterns are downloadable and with helpful tutorials to get you on the right track

4. KANKAN Mothers Day pack — including hand wash, body wash and two Forever Bottles.

@kankan_london (that’s us!) has put together a mothers day set of a bodywash and handwash and two Forever Bottles

5. Puzzles. I’m a self confessed puzzle nerd, and I’ve got one box fresh ready to go during this incubation period. This spectacularly hard one is for those who like a real challenge, and below are the beautiful Piecework Puzzles.

Beautiful puzzles by @pieceworkpuzzles made in the US

6. A beautiful ceramic mug by KANA London to drink tea in whilst you figure out your puzzle, perhaps?

@kanalondon are simply gorgeous things to make even the most mundane, special.

7. The shops are lacking in basic essentials such as pasta, and as you’re not a hoarder, you need to get resourceful. Imperia make a great ‘at home’ pasta machine and all you need is flour and water.

Imperia Pasta machines are suddenly a real and practical tool in the kitchen cupboard.

8. Who doesn't want a day off from cooking, but equally needs a good, nourishing feed? A subscription to Dabbadrop is a dream gift to mums — Delicious, vegan Indian food delivered straight to your door, plastic-free.

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